New Mom Upset After Husband Bought Her Smaller Sized Clothes as a Birthday Gift

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"She can look forward to fitting in them," he said.

*With the source's consent, the following is a work of nonfiction based on the experiences of a close friend.

It's extremely hard for women to bounce back mentally and physically after having a baby. As a new mom, it's essential to surround yourself with people who will uplift you, support you, and extend you grace while you work towards feeling like you again.

A family friend (let's call her Lauren) has really been going through a rough time since having her daughter two months ago. She's struggling with not getting enough sleep, her husband working more, and she's been down because she doesn't feel she's losing weight quickly enough.

She's voiced her concerns to her husband, and his suggestions were to start looking for a nanny and eat less if she's so worried about her weight.

Lauren thought that she'd already be back to her pre-pregnancy weight, but she still had about 20 more pounds to lose. Although she's not breastfeeding, her diet is moderately clean.

Lauren's birthday was approaching, and she was getting excited. Her husband had made plans for his sister to babysit so that they could enjoy a nice evening out.

On the day of her birthday, Lauren was starting to get anxious because none of her clothes were fitting her right. She hadn't been out with her husband since before their daughter was born, and she was really looking forward to it and wanted to look her best.

She called her sister-in-law to ask if she could borrow one of her dresses since they are pretty close in size now that she's hanging onto extra weight.

Her sister-in-law quickly brought over a few dresses for her to choose from. After trying on the dresses multiple times, Lauren finally decided on one.

While her sister-in-law sat with the baby, Lauren got dressed, did her hair and makeup, and was ready for an evening alone with her husband.

When her husband arrived home, he had balloons and a few gift bags. Lauren was so surprised and grateful for the gesture.

She opened up the gift bags to find several pieces of clothing from her favorite boutique. She pulled each piece out, admiring it, and then realized that the items were not going to fit her. Her husband had bought a size small, and she was no longer that size.

She told him she appreciated the kind gesture, but she was no longer a size small and that it was going to take some time for her to be able to fit back into a small. She asked him why he would buy her such small clothes at a time like this.

Her husband responded back that he was used to her wearing that size and since she's been wanting to lose weight, he figured the new clothes would be good motivation.

Lauren couldn't believe what she was hearing. She told him she didn't need any motivation to lose weight; she just needed a break, some sleep, and some time to herself. She called him inconsiderate and stormed off.

Her sister-in-law asked her brother what would possess him to buy Lauren smaller clothing for her birthday. He replied that she could look forward to fitting in them.

Lauren didn't come out of their room the rest of the evening, and they ended up missing their dinner reservations. She hasn't said much to her husband since, and he seems oblivious to what he did wrong.

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