Teen Walks Out After First Day on the Job Due to Shady Business

Briana B.

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand, used with permission.

When I was fresh out of high school, I worked at the only dry cleaning place in my small hometown, and I quit my first day on the job.

The owner of the dry cleaning place had taken it over from a lady who had owned it for years. He claimed she was stealing money from the business, although I’m not sure how true that was.

On my first and last day of the job, I was tasked with taking customers’ items, ringing them up, and also going to retrieve customers’ items as they came to pick them up.

The owner was so unorganized, and I’ve always been highly organized (even as a teen), so that was something that bothered me.

Long story short, I got cussed out on my very first day because a customer came to pick up their curtains that had been there for over a week, and the owner couldn’t find them anywhere.

If that wasn’t enough, another customer came by to get their items, and the owner discovered that he had never cleaned the items, to begin with.

The shady businessman had me tell the customer the items would be ready in half an hour, and then he proceeded to throw the clothes in the dryer with some kind of dryer sheet, bagged them, and tagged them as if they had been dry cleaned.

That was literally it for me. That’s all I had to see.

During my break, I called my mom and told her to call the store, pretending there was an emergency so that I could leave.

I never went back.

I called the following week to see if he had my money for the four hours I worked, and he gave me the run around about that, although I wasn't surprised.

Several months later, he closed up shop and took a manager's position at the town's first Taco Bell that was getting ready to open.

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