Top Destinations For Beginner Solo Travelers

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2020 has taught us that life is something to value. We should not take anything for granted because everything can change in an instant. With that being said, many people have dabbled with the idea of solo travel. Most, however, will not do it because they prefer company to be with them. But where do we draw the line? Should we allow life, destinations and opportunities to pass us by? Or should we be brave and jump on the opportunity to explore while we are able to? I would hope if you’re reading this, then you’d choose the latter! As someone who has been to over 90 countries, I think am qualified to speak on the topic of travel!

Many of us are now looking at life through a new lens. Ever since the pandemic happened, people are learning more and more that life is something that needs to be experienced. This is regardless if you’re alone or not. For those who thinking to finally make the plunge into solo travel, allow me to introduce to you four of my top picks for you to consider (in no particular order).


Simply put; Thailand is awesome! It is an all-encompassing destination that has something for everyone. Whether you’re into nature, adventures, parties, relaxation, meditation, food or scenery, Thailand would be for you. Thailand welcomes millions of tourists every year and has a huge ex-pat population.

This means that you are bound to come across another tourist from an English-speaking country. For many, this is a comforting thing to know. A lot of us embrace familiarity so to be with others who understand your background is a definite bonus.

Thailand is also very affordable. The most expensive thing about Thailand is just trying to get there. But once you land, you’ll notice that your budget could probably stretch you twice the amount of time than you first thought.

The modes of transportation are plentiful. You can take taxis, trains and tuk tuks if walking is not your thing. Many find themselves always paying for a ride because the costs are so cheap!


Bali is another ex-pat capital; but for good reason! Bali is just a solo traveler’s dream. Full of lush and dense rainforest, wild monkeys, adventures, beaches and waterfalls, Bali seemingly has it all! Because so many foreigners have opted to move there, you won’t feel out of place or far from people that understand you.

The food in Bali is also very tasty and affordable. The options are plentiful and vegans would be happy to know that Bali is vegan friendly. There won’t be much of a struggle to find restaurants to cater to your dietary needs.

When it comes to hidden gems, Bali is a gold mine! You could go on a new adventure every day of yourtrip and discover new breathtaking scenery.


Mexico has typically been on everyone’s travel list but it has picked up even more steam since this pandemic. It was one of the first countries to allow Americans to enter without much hassle. And with the emergence of such places like Tulum and Puerto Vallarta, make Mexico a prime choice for solo visitation. The accommodations are plentiful! Not only that but they are simply beautiful.

If traditional hotels aren’t your thing, then definitely consider the thousands of Airbnb options that Mexico offers. Chances are that your head will be spinning from the amount of options alone! Who doesn’t like staying in an Instagrammable place anyway?!


NYC is the city that never sleeps. The infrastructure of NYC is setup that you don’t even need to rent a car. In fact, it would be a silly idea to rent a car. You can practically get around the whole city just by using the underground subway system. For this reason alone, NYC is a prime choice for solo travelers.

The one drawback can be the costs of hotels but a savvy traveler will still be able to find deals through Airbnb to help lessen the cost of the trip.

There are a multitude of activities to do in NYC. It is literally impossible to get bored in the city. And with such a largely, condensed population that attracts tourists from all over, you will surely make some new friends.

When it comes to solo travel, it is nice to be somewhere that provides you with enough elements to make you feel like you’re away. But it is also comforting to know that the destination can offer you things that you’re used to as well. Having the option of being around people who are from a similar background, eating foods that are offered back home and access to amenities that you’re used to can go a long way in your enjoyment.

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