4 Destinations to Rekindle Your Love Life

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After the kind of year we’ve had, it’s completely understandable that you and your loved one would want to get away. This pandemic has taught us not to take anything for granted; especially travel. Many people who’ve never even gotten away now feel the regrets of their past decisions not to travel.

Thankfully, all is not lost. Once we get back to a more normal state of travel, there are awesome destinations for you to visit. Here are some destinations to consider once we are able to roam freely again.


Considered by many as the Bora Bora of the Caribbean, St. Lucia offers unparalleled views, soft white sand and lush jungles. There are really two parts of the island that people visit; the north and the south. The striking resemblance of Bora Bora can be found in the south near a town called Soufriere. Here, you can find boutique, honeymoon-esque styled resorts. With the Piton Mountains being the main draw of the southern part of St. Lucia, all of the hotels will offer a view of them (of some sort). Choosing an accommodation is only challenging because all of them are so amazing! But one that truly sets itself a part from the rest is Jade Mountain.

Jade Mountain offers all-inclusive packages so you don’t need to worry about food and drink while you stay on their mountain side resort. Each of the higher tiered suites come with a bridge that connects you to the common areas of the property. If you feel like flying in from the airport, then you can opt for their helicopter service. But if you rather be chauffeured on land, then they can arrange for a pickup and drop off in one of their private luxury vehicles.


Often overshadowed by the more well-known Bora Bora, Moorea should not be overlooked. It is truly a jungle paradise over there. Moorea is the perfect place to visit if you’re on a stricter budget and can’t afford staying in Bora Bora. Or, it is a perfect add-on to an already amazing Bora Bora itinerary! Another benefit is that Moorea is a lot closer to Tahiti. This means getting over to the island is a lot cheaper. You have the option of either flying in or taking a ferry. If you compare that to Bora Bora, you’ll find that you can only fly there. Moorea also has cheaper overwater bungalow accommodations which strengthens its case of being a wonderful substitute for Bora Bora. To get over the Moorea, you’re looking at least two flights. One flight would be from LAX to PPT in Tahiti and the other would be from Tahiti to Moorea.

Once you land in Moorea and begin to drive around, you’ll quickly wonder why more people aren't talking about this island! A truly underrated gem of the Oceania!


If beaches are your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that Antigua has as many beaches as we have days in the year. Yes, that’s right! 365 beaches is enough for you to try a new beach every single day of the year. The island is surrounded by the type of turquoise and aqua waters that would make anyone envious of your photos. One of the premiere hotels down there is surely Cocobay Resort. This resort offers all-inclusive stays that take the worry out of planning. Did I also mention that the views are to die for? Be sure to book a meal in their diamond or black rock pool so you can wine and dine to the sunset!


When it comes to honeymoon type stays, Jamaica is a vet in the game. Jamaica is literally dotted with amazing resorts for all kinds of budgets. If you like the all-inclusive resort setup, then Sandals would be a perfect choice for you! If you’re looking for something bit more boutique, then try the S Hotel. The possibilities are endless. Jamaica is also perfect for adventures beside the marvelous beaches that it has to offer. Gone are the days where couples just love to lounge on the beach and do nothing at all. It’s advantageous to be in a destination that offers a variety of things to do in case one would like to partake.


There’s really no way you can go wrong with any of these picks. Just be mindful of the month you choose to go. Unless you’re a fan of rain and hurricanes, I would avoid those months. Although dry season tends to be peak season, there is a reason why more people flock to these destinations during those times. At the end of the day, you won’t remember how much you spent while you there. But you will remember the memories you created and having great weather is definitely something that adds the cherry on top of a great time.

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