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Beat the Heat in Las Vegas

Bria Snyder

As the temperature begins to rise across the Las Vegas Valley follow along to see my review of the regions newest water park, Cowabunga Bay Water Park in Henderson, NV.

Las Vegas is well known for our scorching summer days. In the worst of it temperatures can reach up to 117* but average is right around 105*. While on a mission to find ways to “Beat the Heat” a few summers ago, the kids, husband and I were guests of Cowabunga Bay Waterpark in Henderson, NV (just across the street from Las Vegas city limits) and we all had the time of our lives! We loved it so much we have purchased season passes every year since. So let's dive in and break it down from the start to the finish.

Parking: Parking does come with a fee per car, however this fee is waived if you have a Plus Pass. One thing that I noticed immediately upon entering was that the parking is relatively close to the entrance! I remember as a kid, feeling like the parking was sooo far away from the water park entrance in my hometown/state.

Admission: Another thing I loved was that tickets and entrance are separate. This means that you can prepurchase your tickets online and not have to wait in line behind people while they figure out what tickets they need, what size locker they are going to go with, and where their debit card is. If you’re a season pass holder this is especially great for you. Even better, If you are a season pass holder, you can purchase and process it online to skip the ticket line.

Entry: When you are entering the park be advised that they do bag searches and DO NOT allow outside food or beverages into the park. Unfortunately this is something that will greatly cut down on my families visits as park food gets expensive.

Restrooms: Once we entered the park we went straight to the restrooms to take the kids soakers out of their swim diapers and to my surprise many bathrooms were equipped with a shower, changing table, regular toilet, and kids toilet. For this I say, pat on the back Cowabunga Bay because as mom of two toddlers one of whom is newly potty trained this was amazing!

Kiddie Cove: Next we headed over to the Kiddie Cove and I was immediately wowed! The area was so well thought out and had so much that even though we spent our entire first trip only in the Kiddie Cove area, I did not feel like I missed out on the bigger slides. My favorite part was all of the different things they offered for different ages and ability levels. It had everything from slides that my 2yr old was ok with up to tunnel slides and open slides that were 4 people wide. The police officer in my husband was especially thankful for the fact that there seem to be no real blindspots anywhere in the kiddie area. Aside from the 4 steps leading up to the slides there was never a point where we could not see the kids. This made me confident enough to bring the kids on my own in the future.

Lazy River: I am a big fan of the Lazy River and theirs did not disappoint! It’s a nice relaxing river that makes several turns and eventually loops you back to a pool with a fountain. One of the best parts of this Lazy River is that there are many entrances and exits along the path. The pool which seems to be the primary point of entry is a gradual entrance with small splash pad type fountains at the beginning of it and chairs lined up along the "shore".

Life Vests: While I think it is great that the park offers life vests on stands throughout the park in every major area, unfortunately they do not carry any that are small enough for my kids. The Youth XS starts at 30lbs and while my son is 31lbs we did try it in the Lazy River and it was apparent that it posed more of a safety risk than it did providing safety. my recommendation is to be sure to bring some from home. If you do opt to use the parks you'll be glad to know that they are disinfecting every life vest and tube upon it's return before it makes its way into the hands of the next guest.

Food: Since the park does not allow outside food or beverages into the waterpark we ate at the cafe. My son had the pizza, my husband had the Coney Dog, and my daughter and I had the chicken strips. The prices were what I expected with meals averaging $10. However, the food was surprisingly good! All of us were happy with our choices and we were left full. If you are a season pass holder, you have the option to purchase a refillable souvenir cup.

Covid Precautions: *This information has since been added to give an update on the safety precautions the park is taking to ensure guests safety* While in line for admission all guests must be wearing masks covering their nose and down below their chin. When entering the gift shop or while at any food stand you must also wear your mask. Throughout the park and while in the water, masks are not required although all employees will be wearing them 100% of the time. Tubes and live vests are disinfected upon return before being handed off to a new family. Tables and benches are being cleaned regularly and 6ft distancing is being enforced everywhere.

Overall: My overall thoughts on our trip to Cowabunga Bay Waterpark in Henderson, NV is 4.5/5. We loved the different areas of the park, the food was tasty and the prices were not outrageous, the parking was decently close, the entrance set up is great, and the bathrooms have my stamp of approval. My only negative comment is that they do not allow outside food in.

I hope you all enjoyed my review of our trip to Cowabunga Bay Waterpark and consider it for your next family outing! Follow me to see the videos from our trip and for more great family spots throughout the southwest!

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