Should We Consider Letting the Children of Tennessee Seek Emancipation?

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More kids in Tennessee are getting sick with COVID than adults. This is an atrocious fact and as a parent, I really don’t understand how political prejudices could sway me to willfully put my child in harm’s way.

In August, for the first time in the pandemic, the rate of coronavirus infections among children topped those for adults ages 18 to 64 and seniors, driven by the highly contagious delta variant, according to a Washington Post analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. In Tennessee, where vaccination rates are low, infections among children skyrocketed in August and September and have declined some in the last two weeks. States with high vaccination rates are seeing far fewer pediatric infections (COVID Cases Soaring).

The parents sending their children out into the public, cramming them into schools, are for the most part, not vaccinated. They also don’t wear masks. There is only one reason why they don’t wear them: Donald Trump. The right in general, tells them not to. They are told that only fools fall for the wily ways of Democratic-Chinese fueled conspiracies.

Tennesseans aren’t fools. They are just bad parents. Obviously, I don’t mean all Tennesseans because there are some trying to take care of their children. There are some parents using not only common sense but adhering to the recommendations of experts who advised that the parents themselves get vaccinated and remain masked. Expert advice also suggests that in-school children and their teachers be masked.

The bad parents don’t listen, though.

Sarah Rymer suspects her 11-year-old son was infected with the coronavirus, and she knows her husband was. He coaches Pee Wee football, and at least two other kids on his team also tested positive (COVID Cases Soaring).

This woman, Sarah Rymer, is not a very smart person. Just because she gave birth to three kids and has raised them to school age doesn’t mean that her stupidity has evolved to some form of wisdom.

The Grundy County schools, which her three children attend, were forced to close for more than a week soon after the fall semester began. Her best friend’s uncle recently died from covid-19, and a close friend’s mother spent her 53rd birthday in the hospital at Vanderbilt University up in Nashville (COVID Cases Rising).

Despite the fact that the uncle of Rymer’s friend died from the coronavirus, and her friend’s mother was hospitalized because of it, Sarah Rymer stubbornly refuses to get vaccinated. Neither will she mask and gleefully sends her kids off to school — also unmasked.

My mother used to write a note on my lunch bag, a tradition that she continued even during my high school years which would embarrass the hell out of me: “Have a great day, honey. See you this evening,” stuff like that.

I wonder if Sarah writes too little notes on the lunch bags: “Dodge the unseen spit particles, dear. Hope you don’t get infected and end up intubated.”

Kids Are Dying

Most conservatives think they are good parents because they force religion on their kids or because they indoctrinate them into believing that guns are the divine right of all Americans. They are also know to tell their kids that slavery wasn’t as bad as they make it out to be.

A lot of these conservatives are more than happy to sacrifice a kid or two to the alter of Trumpist conspiracies rather than take the measures that experts say are needed to stave off COVID deaths in children.

In early September, the pediatric caseloads across Tennessee peaked, with 86 children hospitalized, including 21 in intensive care units and 12 on ventilators, state data show. So far, 20 children in the state have died of covid-19.
“It should be zero,” said Diego Hijano, a pediatric infectious disease doctor at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. Hijano blames the lack of willingness to avoid large gatherings, wear masks and get vaccinated. “As a community, we’re doing very poorly in taking care of each other,” he said (COVID Cases Rising).

Twenty kids have already died. Can you imagine rolling the dice with the lives of your kids? Can you imagine how warped a mind must not try everything possible to protect your small child? Protecting them is a mandatory, right?

Kids get removed from their parents in other states for lesser things and yet somehow sending them into public settings unprotected during a pandemic is not a reason to call the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS).

Grundy County is rural Tennessee. It is 95% white and 3/4 of the people voted for Donald Trump’s re-election. No one wears mask and vaccination rates are less than 20%. 190 kids have already been infected in Grundy since September and schools are having staffing problems so many teachers are sick. No one, of course, is required to wear masks.

Doubts about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines are widespread in the county, according to interviews with more than three dozen people. Some were fully opposed, vowing to never support anything that President Biden favors. Others were scared or skeptical, but open to considering vaccination (COVID Cases Soaring).

Natasha King, a 34-year dental assistant knows COVID is real because a friend was recently buried after succumbing to the virus. Her response about whether she would get her kids vaccinated: “Nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

Such a decisive gal, you know? She has four kids. What are the odds that that all get seriously ill, right?

After the hysteria and death threats that school boards were getting in August, most Tennessee schools dropped mask requirements. Imagine what children who look to their parents for guidance and protection must think about masks and vaccinations when they see their guardians acting like violent lunatics in public.

The Republican governor, Bill Lee, got vaccinated but wouldn’t recommend Tennesseans do so also. It’s up to them, was his attitude. When asked about should in-school kids wear masks, his answer pretty much summed up how murderously ignorant the right, especially Trumpists in Tennessee, really are:

“Requiring parents to make their children wear masks to solve an adult problem is in my view the wrong approach (COVID Case Soaring).”

An “adult problem,” he said. Please take pause now to reattach your jaw.

What the hell is an “adult” problem? Putting children in car seats could technically be viewed as saving them from “adult problems,” no?

Amy Evans a pediatrician in Tennessee summed it up this way:

“The adults aren’t making it easy for kids to do the right thing (COVID Cases Soaring).”

Perhaps, it is time that children wanting to remain healthy and virus-free should be permitted to emancipate?

There are places all over America, mostly in Trump America, that are also actively working to destroy the kids. Tennessee, however, might be the one state where the majority of parents, politicians and other figures of authority are actively trying to off their children.

We need to give the kids the choice: healthy life or Trumpist ills?

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