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The Why: Dental Care of Frisco

Connor West

It's time to get to know another amazing community member! This has hands down been my favorite series that I have EVER done because I'm actually getting to know the PEOPLE not just the product. And after all, that's what community is all about! So let's get right to it with today's feature on Dr. Thomas Grant and his private practice Dental Care of Frisco!

Dr. Thomas Grant opened his private practice, Dental Care of Frisco, 6 years ago in May. Prior to relocating to Frisco, he practiced in Niceville, FL for 2 years as an associate dentist. He was born and raised in a small town 90 miles SW from Nashville in Winchester, TN however he assured me that even though he may not be a true born Texan he got here as fast as he could!
One of the things that I noticed immediately upon entering the practice was the decor. Talk about the feeling of a Texan hotel lobby instead of scary medical office!

It's in those little details that make a place of business feel more like a home which means you are more comfortable all around.

There are two questions that I always love to ask our community members. The first question is 'Why did you choose your profession?' Dr. Thomas Grant opened up his heart to me when answering this question and told me a story about his brother.
Connor West

"I chose dentistry because my late brother was born with a condition that left him without 80% of his permanent teeth.  They did not form and I witnessed firsthand the importance of a beautiful smile and how it affects someone’s self-confidence.  I walked with him through the process of orthodontics, oral surgery, implants, and crown and bridgework. Once his mouth was fully restored he smiled like never before and I will never forget seeing him cry with that first smile.  Dentistry is more than just a job or career for me. I feel my purpose in life is helping others attain their ideal smile. When someone is confident in their smile, their whole outlook on life changes, I have seen it and lived it through my brother’s long journey." - Dr. Thomas Grant.

This passion of dentistry is evident all around, including in his team! Speaking of which, his crew of hygienists and assistants have been with him since he started the practice 6 years ago - you can tell they are just as invested. This is a huge part of their culture - they take great pride in providing their patients with happy and familiar faces!

The second question I always love to ask is 'How do you give back to the community?' To me this is such an important question, as we all have the responsibility of making the community better as a whole. Dr. Thomas Grant shared that giving back was extremely important to him as well! Their office provides services for the young adults of His House and Blake's House for the Jim Riley Outreach. These two organizations currently run a transitional living program for young women (Blake’s House) and young men (His House) who have aged out of foster care or who are homeless without other support (between the age of 18-25). Their office also LOVES participating in Frisco PD's toy drive around Christmas.

Lastly, Dr. Thomas Grant shared with me one of his passions is treating sleep disorders, including snoring and sleep apnea. Over 60 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Although snoring can be harmless, it can be a sign of sleep apnea in which people stop breathing for 10-30 seconds, hundreds of times a night. Untreated sleep apnea can contribute to excessive daytime sleepiness as well as increased risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. He has invested hundreds of hours in training for helping these patients either get their sleep apnea under control or cured. He treats children as young as 3 years old and adults to 103 for sleep disordered breathing/apnea. He explained to me that this is a non surgical treatment plan and most show significant signs of improvement within 3 months! If you (or someone you know) suffers from a sleep disorder, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Thomas Grant as this break through technology is truly life changing.

Thank you so much Dr. Thomas Grant of Dental Care of Frisco for partnering with us for our 2020 series, 'The Why'! We are so grateful to have such an amazing community member such as yourself and your team too. Dental Care of Frisco is located off of Preston Road by Stonebriar Mall and open Monday 9AM-3PM + Tuesday-Thursday from 7AM-7PM.

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