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A Lunch Time Review of Naf Naf Middle Eastern Grill in Champaign, IL

Brennon Hightower
Naf Naf Middle Eastern GrillBrennon Hightower

In Champaign, there’s a great Middle Eastern restaurant that’s an excellent lunch spot. Not only do they have outstanding food, but you also get free pita bread! For those who enjoy authentic middle eastern cuisine and are looking for something new to try, I definitely recommend this place.

Here’s what you need to know when eating at Naf Naf Middle Eastern Grill located at 2502 N. Prospect Ave.

Before we jump into what I ordered, I have to say that I’ve been here at least three times so far and always order the same thing with the exception of mixing up my veggies. My first two times visiting, I ordered to go.

But, on my most recent visit, I arrived as soon as they opened and dined inside. If you are concerned about dining in around too many people, I would highly recommend, dining in early, when the restaurant first opens. By doing this, you will beat the lunchtime crowd.
Naf Naf Middle Eastern GrillBrennon Hightower

What I Ordered

On my very first visit to Naf Naf Grill a few months back, I had no idea what to order. So, I explained to the young man behind the counter that it was my first time ordering, and he walked me through how to create my own bowl and offered suggestions. He was so kind and helpful.

From that experience, I have been ordering the same thing each time. I order a bowl with half basmati rice and half hummus and then add chicken as my protein.

To top it off, I add chopped salad, purple cabbage, and sumac onions. Lastly, I sauce it up with Tahini sauce. My goodness! It’s always delicious!

Also, you should note that a bowl and a pita is plenty to share between two people, especially if you are on a budget or a meal plan.

If you want to try them out then you can check out Naf Naf Middle Eastern Grill online or like them on Facebook for great deals! I would rate my experience 5 stars for sure!
Naf Naf Middle Eastern GrillBrennon Hightower

How Was the Service?

As for the service, I am always satisfied and never disappointed. Whether there is a long line or not, the line moves rather quickly and the staff is always kind.

Would I Go Back?

Until my experience a few months ago, I had never been to a Middle Eastern restaurant before, at least not that I can recall. And, since I’ve already been three times, I’m certain to visit again. Not to mention, you always get a fresh and warm pita to accompany your meal. What’s not to love about that?

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