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Brennon Hightower
You Rock! Precious Moments FigurineBrennon Hightower

Do you remember growing up, flipping through the Sunday newspaper, and looking through all the different coupon packets? And, right as you are flipping to the next sheet of coupons, there would be a page devoted to ordering a Precious Moments figurine by mail? And, while they were all adorable figurines, they only came in one skin and one hair color.

Well, guess what? Times have changed. Precious Moments figurines now come in a variety of skin tones and hair shades.

Not only this, but with some such as the Forever In Love Customizable Figurine, you can fully customize the figurine with the hair shade and skin tone in addition to adding personalized details such as name and date.

I appreciate these new options so much because now the products are more relatable and more personable which makes for amazing personal gift ideas.

when I was growing up I received a few adorable Precious Moments figurines and plates, such as a Precious Moments plate gifted by my aunt. I felt so loved when I received it. In fact, it’s so precious and meaningful that I still have it till this day.

You Rock! Figurine

With this in mind, I want to share the Precious Moments figure that I recently ordered. It’s a beautiful figurine that is relatable and can be displayed throughout the entire year, and not just for one specific occasion. It’s the You Rock! Figurine.
You Rock! Precious Moments Figurine and PlateBrennon Hightower

You Rock! Brunette Hair and Medium Skin Figurine

This beautiful Precious Moments little girl with headphones with the saying, You Rock! brings so much energy and is simply adorable. It’s the perfect gift for my nieces.

Just as my aunt gifted me an adorable Precious Moments plate, I can gift my nieces a Precious Moments figurine that looks like them. Why not make this a family tradition?

The details of this music-loving figurine are amazing. This little girl is dancing on a record, her lilac shoes match her shirt, and there are hearts throughout the figurine, such as on her shoes and on the music player.
You Rock! Precious Moments FigurineBrennon Hightower

Skin Tones and Hair Colors

But, here’s the thing.

Not only does this precious little girl come with brunette hair with a medium skin complexion, but she also comes with blonde hair with a light complexion.

Having figurines with various skin completions allows for gifters to choose more relatable figurines making the gift exchange more personable.

You Rock! Brunette Hair

You Rock! Blonde Hair

And, we all know how special we feel when gifts are more personalized. As a matter of fact, for a small additional fee, this figurine can be personalized with a name and date.

This figurine measures approximately 5.5” H and has been meticulously sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and is expertly hand-painted - which is appreciated.

Final Thoughts

While this is the figurine that spoke to my heart, there are others I’m sure that will speak to yours. You can check them out online at Precious Moments for the perfect personalized gift(s) for your loved ones regardless of the holiday or occasion.

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