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Make Yourself More Employable During National Career Development Month

Brennon Hightower
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Did you know that November is National Career Development Month? That’s right!

According to the National Day Calendar, “National Career Development Month in November signals a time for students and employees to focus on their (current or) future career choices”. With this in mind, let’s chat about making yourself more employable.

Learn Something New

In your spare time around your established career, it can be a good idea to learn a new skill. This is one of the best ways to make yourself more employable.

You might not know where to start, but you could look at the job roles that you are interested in and see the kinds of skills that are listed on their job description.

If you are uncertain as to where to search for job descriptions, have a look at Indeed, Monster, and Career Builder - just to name a few.

You could also think about upskilling yourself with a short-term certificate or even going back to school altogether.

If you consider a short-term certificate, there are so many options. For example, you could choose something for a few hours online such as on Udemy or LinkedIn Learning. Or, you could enroll in a local workshop or community college.

For example, I recently attended an Entrepreneur Workshop for Women at the Douglas Branch Library called Elevating Women Entrepreneurs: An Introduction to Owning Your Own Business.

The workshop was a local collaboration between the YWCA and Business Elevator. The YWCA University of Illinois is working to eliminate racism and empower women.

Business Elevator is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on building strong, community-based entrepreneurial ecosystems. Both are located in Champaign.

The one-hour workshop was an effective way to share information on creating a business while upskilling those who attended. I’m confident that every participant walked away learning something new.

Look for Volunteer Opportunities

Another option for making yourself more employable is to consider volunteer work. Some of the benefits of volunteering your time are really important and helpful.

This could be volunteering in an industry that you want to be in, learning more, and having something to demonstrate on your resume.

Volunteering can also help you to learn a specific skill, boost your confidence, and give you some valuable experience that some employers will only consider you with.

You’ll help yourself and your job applications but will also help your local community and society as a whole. What a win-win situation to create!
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Work on Your Resume

Many of us will only take the time to adjust our resumes when we are completely fed up and are ready to begin looking for a new job. However, doing this is not always the best approach.

Instead, try keeping your resume up-to-date on a regular basis. By doing this, you will be able to really celebrate what you have been doing, as well as the key skills that you have acquired in that role.

This will also allow you to emphasize your skills for a potential employer. When you do it regularly it will mean that you don’t miss anything out and can make yourself shine in your best light for a potential employer.

Final Thoughts

While these are only a handful of ways to make yourself more employable during National Career Development Month, there are other things you could do, as well.

For example, you can update your LinkedIn profile, take a free career assessment, research potential career options, and create a career vision board - just to name a few.

Remember, small steps make a big difference, especially if you plan to make yourself more employable.

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