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Enjoy Brunch on the Beach Themed Patio at Harvest Market

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I’ve been a frequent customer of Harvest Market for quite some time. Some days my plan is to simply do some grocery shopping. Other times, I want to order brunch, sit, and blog in peace, so I opt for ordering something delicious from the menu and head to a quiet corner upstairs.

One thing that I’ve always wanted to do, but hadn’t until recently was to dine on what I would refer to as a beach-themed patio deck.

But, before I jump into all of that, here’s a bit on Harvest Market. It is located at 2029 South Neil Street in Champaign and is one of the best grocery stores in Champaign, according to Yelp reviews. To be more specific, it is an upscale grocery store, restaurant, bakery, deli, bar and so much more!

For example, not only can you shop for your groceries inside, but you can also shop for your wine and spirits, choose hot meals from the deli, enjoy coffee from the coffee bar, and even order brunch and enjoy it indoors, or out on the patio.

That’s right!

Harvest Market’s Farmhouse Restaurant has a full menu serving farm-fresh ingredients and everything from delicious eggs to perfectly crusted grilled cheese sandwiches. Any of which are great options to enjoy while sitting out on the patio.

Their full menu and weekly specials can be found online at Harvest Market.
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Dining on the Patio Deck

Sitting out on the patio is quite enjoyable as you are sitting above the first level and are able to look out over the Champaign area in seats that are large enough to get comfortable in. Not only this, but the color scheme outside on the patio is a gorgeous turquoise and yellow which always makes for great Instagram-worthy photos. It’s also a colorful and unique date idea.

Benefits of Dining Outdoors

Aside from comfortability and aesthetics, dining outdoors is simply great for your health. In fact, a recent article online shared 7 Reasons You Should Consider Eating Outdoors.

Some of the reasons included the idea that nature naturally soothes you, your body functions better, and you can simply enjoy your meal in a relaxed setting. While there are other reasons, these are three that are very practical and relatable. Wouldn’t you agree?
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Let the Cashier Know You Will Be Dining Outdoors

To sit on the patio, you simply place your order at the Farmhouse Restaurant counter, pay, and take your number. Also, let the Cashier know that you will be dining on the patio so that the Server knows to look for you out there.

Once you’ve done this, you can simply head upstairs and out to the patio area. The deck is a smaller space and you can oftentimes enjoy the space alone.

Keep in mind that you should grab what you need because there is a chance that your condiments, napkins, salt and pepper shears, etc won’t be outdoors and you will need to take these outdoors with you, or at least ask for them.

Final Thoughts

Harvest Market is indeed one of the best grocery stores in Champaign-Urbana offering more than just your traditional groceries. Instead offering you a full grocery experience with an amazing option to enjoy a meal indoors or out on the gorgeous themed patio.

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