How to Plan a Great Halloween Weekend Party

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Whether you get into the fun or creepiness of Halloween, it tends to be a lot of, especially if you are planning a fun Halloween party. So, with National Frankenstein Day and Halloween right around the corner, check out these tips below for how to plan a great Halloween Weekend Party

Plan a Fun Costume Competition

A Halloween party is all about the costumes, so if you want to make sure to really capture the spirit of the season, consider putting together a competition for costumes, including a prize for the winners. You can give out a variety of prizes for things like the “spookiest costume,” the “best couples Halloween costumes,” etc.

Not only is this fun for your guests, but it also ensures you’ll have some pretty great-looking costumes at your party, and this is a big part of an unforgettable holiday event.

You can also think about hiring a local face painter like Magic and Monsters Face Painting for the beginning of the party to help provide last-minute touches to your guests’ outfits if needed.

Make it Spooky

Don’t be afraid to go dark for Halloween. Create the Halloween mood with your décor and lighting. With dim lighting, candles, and décor that incites fear, you can create an environment that is as spooky as a Halloween party should be. Unless there will be children attending the party, don’t be afraid to get scary for your guests.

Another thing to consider depending on your budget is to hire people as actors to spook your guests.

Put Together a Great Playlist

If you want your guests to have a great time, consider putting together a playlist that has them dancing until the sun comes up (if that’s what you want). You could also put together a spooky playlist for the beginning of the party as guests arrive, setting the mood for a fun yet spooky experience.

If you want to make it a truly memorable experience, consider hiring a local DJ to take care of the playlist for the evening.

Get Creepy with Your Halloween Drinks

Whether you’re hiring a bartender, or you are making the drinks yourself, put together a cocktail list full of spooky drinks that are as tasty as they are frightening to look at. You will find really great ideas on Pinterest.

You could also make Jello shots the night before that look like they have body parts in them, served all around the party area, making for a frightening yet delicious refreshment.

If you have time, go ahead, get creative and make some DIY snacks that look like they belong in a horror film.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Because you’ll have a lot of guests wearing their best costumes (especially if you’re doing a costume competition), it could be a great idea to hire a professional photographer to get great shots of your guests (and yourself), so that you can be sure to capture the fun that was had at your Halloween bash.

You can share the edited photographs with your friends, so they can have memories of the evening captured in beautiful shots from a local professional photographer.

If hiring a professional photographer is not in your budget, consider getting a friend or family member to help you out and be the photographer for the night. You could also hire students from your local community college or high school who are taking photography classes.

Final Thoughts

If Halloween is your favorite party of the year, don’t be afraid to go all out. With these ideas, you can get started on preparing a holiday party your guests will love. From professional face painters to a DJ, there are ways to beef up the experience so that it’s an event that doesn’t disappoint, either you or your friends who attend.

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