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New Dunkin' in Mesa, Arizona saves money using repurposed shipping container

Brenna Temple
Dunkin' at 2105 South Power RoadPhoto byFelix-Albert Desmangles/Google Maps

Mesa, Arizona's newest fast food addition brings an unconventional architectural style to the city.

Taking space at 2105 South Power Road, this Dunkin' store is built using a repurposed shipping container - bringing new opportunity and sustainability to the city of Mesa.

According to a custom homes company, this shipping container flaunts several benefits that an average building does not.

For starters, repurposed shipping containers are known for their sustainability, seeing as they're made of recycled materials. But not only are they sustainable, they're also highly durable, which will help the new Mesa Dunkin' withstand Arizona's inevitable and sometimes devastating flash floods during monsoon season.

Repurposed shipping containers also allow for supreme mobility: if the Dunkin' franchise is unsatisfied with its current location, it can simply and swiftly relocate elsewhere across Arizona or anywhere in the United States.

In investing in a repurposed shipping container for their store in Mesa, Dunkin' has introduced an innovative business practice that encapsulates green building philosophies. Whether or not locals is appreciate Dunkin's sustainable approach may be a different story, but this is yet to be known.

In case you're confused by the company name Dunkin', yes, you read it right. Despite the fact that Dunkin' Donuts rebranded as simply Dunkin' in 2018, many people remain to call it its original name. In an effort to rebrand, the new name was made to reflect a fresher image, according to a article.

Whether or not Dunkin's new shipping model container is the latest in a rebranding strategy is unknown.

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