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Bloomington Police ask the public for help in finding a suspect attempting to rob a local connivance store

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Photo of a suspect accused of burglary at a convenience store on the morning of March 4, 2023 police are searching for.Photo byBloomington Police Department

Bloomington, Ind. Police are asking for the public’s help searching for a suspect suspected of “burglarizing a local convenience store in the early morning hours of March 4,” and need your help in finding the suspect.

The police notified all residents of Bloomington to help search for the victim, as the case was posted on social media at 2:33 p.m. on Wednesday, March 8.

Early in the hours of the morning at an unknown time at an unknown convivence store, a dashcam video shows an African American male, with a red baseball cap on his head, a black hood in a sweatshirt covering his body while it also covers part of the cap, black pants on his legs, a loaded black or brown automatic handgun held towards his chest and aimed by his left-hand straights towards an individual either working or shopping at the store around this time.

He is also holding what is believed to be a convenience store grocery bag and three unknown tags that are laced throughout his sweatshirt. Two of the tags, located at the top of the gun, streaking down his chest have images, although blurred, with money-like symbols and what appeared to be symbols featuring different U.S. Presidents and flashes of cash.

The final item on the suspect’s person is believed to be a large, dark stringy car keychain with a gold key and a card hoisted to the right side near the grocery bag the suspect is holding in his hands at the crime scene.

For individuals who may have important evidence or tips on the case, you are to contact Detective Henry by calling 812-349-3907 or by emailing the Detective at with more information on the case.

The number to the Bloomington Police Department is 812-339-4477 for more leads or dial 911.

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