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Three Great Restaurants to Try at Virginia Beach

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It is finally the summer time and Virginia Beach is opening bigger than ever with tourist season starting up again. Virginia Beach is a great getaway that is found right between the intersection of the Chesapeake Bay and its opening towards the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is especially busy during the months of June to August and is a great vacation spot for many. Virginia Beach is very similar to Myrtle Beach and while it may have a slightly more rough beach, there are many more other attractions compared to Myrtle Beach. For those visiting, here is a list of a few restaurants to try around Virginia Beach.

1. Terrapin

Terrapin is definitely a great establishment to visit while around Virginia Beach as they have a vast and always changing menu that does a superb job at taking advantage of the location to source some of the freshest seafood. This restaurant is known as the must visit destination for fine dining around Virginia Beach and does well to keep that title. In addition, during the past year Terrapin has adapted exceptionally to the pandemic restrictions and implented a whole arrangement of safety measures as well as additionally providing a Terrapin To Go service which allows anyone to experience Terrapin while not being restricted to eating in the restaurant. Terrapin has proved itself time and time again and has the honor of being one of the repeat award winning restaurants at Virginia Beach in Open Table's Top 50 Restaurants in the Country for the acclaimed "Best Over All" title. Chef Rodney at Terrapin is also very established himself with his contributions to the Virginia Craft: Heritage Eats team as well.

Terrapin can be found located at 3102 Holly Rd #514 at Virginia Beach.

2. Taste

At Taste, lunch is done the right way with home made and simple lunch classics. The establishment at first glance looks like any other American cafe or deli. Despite the mundane appearances, Taste truly excels in providing the best quality ingredients for classic deli sandwiches. The main goal for the owners of Taste were to provide a high quality lunch product that is made from scratch, created in small batches to ensure quality, and utilizes the local and seasonal ingredients to their fullest potential. All of the sandwiches at Taste will deliver on their mission to truly cultivate an entire community through the Taste food promise.

Taste can be found located at many locations throughout Oceanfront, Hilltop amongst others. The Oceanfront located is found at 3603 Pacific Ave.

3. Eat - An American Bistro

Eat is found right around the north edge of Virginia Beach near Oceanfront and is not just popular amongst tourists but is also one of the tried and true local favorites. This establishment is quite a small restaurant but provides an intimate and award winning eating experience with an ever changing menu that highlights amazing ingredients like Wagyu beef and for the more adventurous, Portuguese octupus. On top of having truly top tier ingredients, the menu also has a selection of much more casual and approachable items like amazing burgers and meatballs. In the past, very popular dishes have included the grilled tuna 'bulgogi' and the Hasselhoff burger.

Eat also serves a huge variety of artisan beers and mixed drinks to pair perfectly with the food. This establishment has also been featured on highly regarded and acclaimed restaurant lists like Lorraine Eaton's 30 Places to Eat before you Die. Whether looking for tasty food or great drinks, Eat is the place with it all.

Eat - An American Bistro can be found located at 4005 Atlantic Ave.

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