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Five Food and Drink Establishments to Experience in Madison

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Wisconsin is definitely very well known across the Midwest for its various dairy products like cheese curds and custard but Madison is also the home to a very underrated restaurant scene as well. As the capital of Wisconsin, Madison is found right between a couple lakes and is the home of the great Wisconsin State Capitol building. Aside from these landmarks, here is a list of a few great restaurants to try out for those looking for new suggestions in Madison.

1. Taiwan Little Eats

It seems that in the past few years, the Asian population throughout the entire Midwest has grown and Wisconsin is no exception to the recent trends. Taiwan Little Eats is a great addition to the restaurant scene in Madison and toes the line between providing rich restaurant quality foods while balancing it with providing the convenience and experience of street food as well. The most popular items found at Taiwan Little Eats include their fried chicken bites and bubble tea.

Taiwan Little Eats can be found located at 320 State St.

2. Canteen

Following the theme of street food and finger foods, Canteen takes up the place of one of the top taco restaurants in all of Madison and has been around for more than half a decade now. Canteen was the child of the Food Fight Restaurant Group and takes a huge amount of inspiration from Mexican cuisine in exploring various flavors and textures in their tacos. In addition to the tacos found at Canteen, there are also many other dishes with apparent influences from Mexican cuisine. For those that are in search of the perfectly chilled and frozen margaritas, Canteen will do wonders in soothing that craving.

Canteen can be found located at 111 S Hamilton St.

3. Funk Factory Geuzeria

Funk Factory Geuzeria is a hugely popular taproom in Madison that has been absolutely taking over the area for the psat few years. Funk Factory Geuzeria's most popular drinks are definitely their wild ales that go through a spontaneous fermentation process. The signature in house brew at Funk Factory is their lambic style ale that goes by the name of "Meerts" which has a hugely complex flavor profile with both fruity and tart notes with detailed sours.

Funk Factory Geuzeria can be found located at 1602 Gilson St.

4. Mint Mark

Mint Mark has been around since 2018 and since then has become a very well known name amongst the locals. The establishment itself has its roots in a very impressive list of names in the Midwest culinary universe with ties back to both Robin Room and Johnson Public House in Madison and a few Chicago establishments as well like Bristol. Mint Mark does very well to cater to all sorts of crowds while still staying true to its Wisconsin roots. One of the crowd pleasers here is the Friday fish fry. In addition the chef, Sean Pharr does an exceptional job with his small plate creations and pushes the envelop of what is possible with his advanced culinary techniques.

Mint Mark can be found located at 1929 Winnebago St.

5. Working Draft Beer Company

Working Draft Beer Company is one of the many breweries around Madison but seperates itself with a strong selection of beers that can be categorized as hop forward. In addition to the brewery itself, there is also a full food menu that has been put together by Fox Heritage Farms. The establishment itself does well to take over the old space of the old Just Coffee Cooperative.

Working Draft Beer Company can be found located at 1129 E Wison St.

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