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Three New Michelin Star Restaurants to Try in Chicago

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The Michelin Stars are one of the most prestigious awards to be given to any restaurant and being included in the Michelin Guide can be the quickest way to propel an establishment into mainstream popularity. This year in 2021, the Michelin Guide has been updated once again and Michelin Stars have been awarded to a grand total of twenty four different restaurants in Chicago. To no suprise, Alinea is still the only restaurant in Chicago that has been awarded three Michelin Stars and is one of roughly a hundred and thirty with the honor worldwide. Aside from that, five Chicago restaurants have been awarded two Michelin Stars and eighteen different restaurants have gotten one Michelin Star this year.

Many of these restauarants have been Michelin Star holders in the past but here are the three new additions to the list this year.

1. Ever

Ever is Chef Curtis Duffy's new restaurant and in it, Chef Duffy brings a stunny experience that aims to crush through old boundaries and adventure in brand new frontiers in the culinary space. Chef Duffy is one of the legends in the Chicago restaurant scene with his previous restaurant Grace which prior to 2015 had been awarded the full three Michelin Stars but unfortunately had to close down in December of 2017. In all of Chicago, both Grace and Alinea have been the only restaurants to have ever been ranked with three Michelin Stars. From Chef Duffy's leave from Grace he once again teamed up with his business partner Michael Muser to now open Ever and once again aim for the elusive three Michelin Star rating. This year it is not suprising that Ever has been included in the 2021 Michelin Guide and awarded Michelin Stars but unfortunately has only recieved two Michelin Stars this year. Despite not attaining the full three Michelin Stars, Ever still manages to deliver a truly impeccable dining experience with inspirations from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Pure Imagination".

Ever can be found located in Fulton Market at 1340 W Fulton St.

2. Moody Tongue

Moody Tongue was one of the most anticipated restaurants back in 2019 with its grand opening of both the Bar and the Dining Room. The establishment itself is part of the culinary world that brings a dining experience with a heavy emphasis on beer. Moody Tongue is first and foremost a brewery but aims to bring brewpub food elevated to levels never before attempted. In order to do this, the brewmaster Jared Rouben teamed up with his cousin and business partner Jeremy Cohn in order to curate an explosive twelve course tasting menu with seasonal ingredients that can fight toe to toe with any other fine dining experience in the city. The most impressive part is that despire the elevation to fine dining, the true essence of brewpub food is not lost at all within the experience. In 2021, Moody Tongue was awarded two Michelin Stars.

Moody Tongue can be found located at 2515 S Wabash Ave.

3. Porto

Porto is the third new addition to the Michelin Guide in Chicago this year and was awarded one Michelin Star. Porto specializes in cuisine from various regions of Galicia, Spain and Portugal. The highlight at Porto is definitely seafood and is exactly what owner Dani Alonso and chef Marcos Campos are aiming for. All the seafood is sourced directly from Galicia and are offered in both a well curated tasting menu or a la carte and all paired with a perfect choice of Spanish or Portuguese wines.

Porto can be found located at 1600 W Chicago Ave.

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