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The BTS Meal Just Hit McDonald's Today

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BTS is the Korean boy band that has quickly taken over the world in the last few years. The boy band is known by some other names such as the Bangtan Boys and debuted back in 2013. They comprise of seven members: Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, J - Hope, Jin, and Suga. Today on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021, BTS collaborated with McDonald's across the world to bring about the BTS meal. Following the huge success of the Travis Scott meal, Mcdonald's realized that they could create huge publicity and increase sales by collaborating with big names in media. The BTS meal is no exception and will undoubtedly bring about just as much hype if not more than any of the previous collaborations.

Starting today, the BTS meal is available at participating McDonald's franchises offering a very limited edition meal which contains a ten piece chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a coke, and both cajun and sweet chili sauces. In addition to the meal itself, the packaging for the food is also decorated in a purple limited edition bag, box, and cup for the BTS meal.

There is also some exclusive behind the scenes BTS content that is only unlockable after downloading the McDonald's app with new additions weekly. The current content out on the app offers a backstage 360 video of exclusive BTS content and a week from now on June 2nd, an additional flipbook of the BTS x McDonald's collaboration will be released as well. Then a week after that, a last backstage 360 experience will be released in the app. Lastly, on June 16th, the last installment of the digital content will be released in the form of a virtual portrait series of BTS.

There are also more deals to be found on the McDonald's app during this time and for first time users downloading, they will receive a deal for a free order of large fries. Outside of the app, McDonald's is also launching a collection of BTS x McDonald's merchandise which takes the form of an entire logo collection of McDonald's exclusive designs by BTS.

While finding participating McDonald's stores for the BTS meal might be very easy in countries like Korea where the boy band originates from, in places like America, it might be slightly more difficult to find the purple food wrappers. Some individuals are reporting that they were only able to get the meal but without the limited edition purple food boxes. Others are saying that they were only able to get the sauces. One way to find which McDonald's franchises are participating is to use the mobile order feature in the McDonald's apps or by utilizing their delivery service.

Personally, I was unable to find the BTS meal at a few different McDonald's franchises but after visiting a few I eventually came across one that was offering the entire BTS meal experience. For those that are around the suburbs of Chicago, the McDonald's location at which I was finally able to find a BTS meal was at the location at 4830 Dempster St in Skokie. This location is great as it opens much later than many other McDonald's locations around the suburbs and is open all the way until midnight each day of the week.

For those that are long time fans of BTS or just enjoy trying out celebrity meals, the BTS meal is a fun way to enjoy McDonald's and even try out a few of their new sauces. One last note is to make sure that the franchise you are visiting is participating and offering the BTS meal before you go.

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