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The Best Shop to Buy Ingredients for a Charcuterie Board in Chicago

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It is almost summer in Chicago now and the parks and beaches are getting busier than ever. One trend that has taken over social media and millenials by storm is the charcuterie board. Charcuterie boards can now be seen everywhere in picnics at parks or a nice beach. The term charcuterie itself refers to a French word which is completely focused on the preparation of meat products and is meant as a way to preserve meat. Due to the ease of sourcing ingredients and preparing a charcuterie board, the stunning visuals of a full meat and cheese platter are perfect for that post to social media stories or just to enjoy on a nice outdoor day.

When preparing to create a charcuterie board, you might just go to the nearest grocery store and buy some meat and cheeses. This definitely works and makes for some great boards but one shop in Chicago specializes in charcuterie meats and is truly worth the extra effort in enhancing any old charcuterie board.

Tempesta Market in Chicago's West Town is a must try for any charcuterie lovers. The most important piece in any board is the meats and all the meats offered at Tempesta Market have been expertly cured in house and provides a variety in meats that can be difficult to find at many other deli's. The deli itself was first created by both Antonio and Agostino Fiasche who have since launched Tempesta Market to be one of the most well visited deli shops in Chicago. The establishment itself offers a few tables for indoor seating for patrons that can not wait to dig into their food.

One of their more exciting choices in their selection of meats also includes nduja which many people might have never even heard of. Nduja is an extremely rich and impossibly fatty, spiced sausage. The meat itself is so decadent that it is commonly just smeared onto slices of bread and eaten more like a jam than sliced like many other meats. For those that are interested, there is even more good news. Tempesta offers free samples of their nduja.

In addition to the legendary selection of cured meats at this deli, there is also a wonderful cheese selection in the shop as well. The dairy at Tempesta Market is sourced from artisan producers and from many notable Midwest makers including the likes of Smoking Goose and Charlito's Cocina.

Despite being such a popular deli, Tempesta Market does not stop there. They also expand into other areas such as gelato and sandwiches. In fact, in recent times, their sandwiches have become almost even more popular than the rest of the deli's offerings. The most popular sandwich from Tempesta is the Dante sandwich which is an insane combination of six different cured meats piled on top of a delicious Turano bread roll.

In addition to absolutely top tier meats, Tempesta Market stays as inclusive as possible with vegetarian options as well. Their vegetable sandwich, the Beet Streets sandwich, is a wild explosion of flavors dancing between excellently marinated beets and crunchy nuts. The salads at Tempesta are no exception to their flavorful menu and can fight toe to toe with some of the best salads across the city. The most popular salad at Tempesta is definitely the QX2 salad which contains extremely fresh ingredients like cauliflower, avocado, arugula, romaine, and frisee. Whether you are a sandwich, meat, or vegetable lover, there is something for everyone at Tempesta Market.

Tempesta Market can be found located at 1372 W Grand Ave.

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