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Top 5 Restaurants to Visit in Chicago's Little Saigon Neighborhood

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In the heart of Chicago's uptown neighborhoods is where one can find some of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods in all of the city. Chicago's Little Saigon neighborhood is no different. Commonly known amongst locals as Chicago's Vietnamese town, the neighborhood spans most of the Argyle area and its center is right on the intersection of Argyle and Broadway. Visitors will know they are in the right place once they notice the "Asia on Argyle" sign that is right outside the Red Line stop on Argyle Street.

This Vietnamese town is a hidden gem of various asian restaurants serving everything from a delicious and steaming bowl of pho to a gloriously barbequed Peking duck. For first time visitors, it can be somewhat daunting walking around trying to find the right place to eat so here is a list below of some of the greatest establishments around the area.

1. Nha Hang Viet Nam

Nha Hang Viet Nam is a very small and modest Vietnamese restaurant that can be found on a corner of Argyle Street. While the exterior of the restaurant might be unimpressive, the quality and variety of the food served inside is on a completely different level. Despite the small size of the establishment, the kitchen is absolutely incredible and is able to support a gargantuan menu with a couple hundred different dishes to experience. Going through the entire menu is a feat that may take years to accomplish. Some of the favorites at Nha Hang include their clay pot pork or their bun mam.

Nha Hang Viet Nam can be found located at 1032 W Argyle St.

2. Pho 888

There are plenty of Pho restaurants around just a three block radius from the intersection on Argyle and Broadway but Pho 888 is one that stands out apart from the rest due to their comforting consistency. The shop may be small but the flavors that are packed into their bowls of noodles are enough to satisfy your entire palatte.

Pho 888 can be found located at 1137 W Argyle St.

3. Ba Le

Ba Le is a great place to stop when looking for a quick and convenient place to grab a bite to eat. The signature items at Ba Le are all bahn mi sandwiches. Their menu is pretty expansive with over a dozen different sandwiches to choose from. What separates Ba Le apart from the rest of the bahn mi shops around is their attention to the quality of ingredients. Every ingredient that they source for their sandwiches is absolutely amazing from the french baguettes used for the sandwich bread to the different proteins and picked veggies. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options.

Ba Le can be found located at 5014 N Broadway St.

4. Sun Wah Bar-B-Que

Sun Wah offers what is some of the best Peking duck that can be found anywhere around the Chicago area. Peking duck is a dish that not many restaurants offer due to the large amounts of labor that goes into the preparation of the dish but despite that, Sun Wah continues to offer some of the most delicious and cheap Peking duck around the area. They also have a small window shop set up by the entrance for those that just want to purchase a few cuts of the barbequed meats without sitting down.

Sun Wah Bar-B-Que can be found located at 5039 N Broadway

5. Chiu Quon Bakery

Chiu Quon is one of the longest standing and most popular Chinese bakeries around Chicago. All of their pastries are baked to absolute perfection and have a decent variety including items ranging from meat buns and zonzi to egg custard and cakes.

Chiu Quon Bakery can be found located at 1127 W Argyle St.

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