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Where to find the best Chinese dumplings in Chicago

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Dumplings can be found in a whole world of cuisines. They are most prominantly found in many Asian cuisines and are a dish that is traditionally made up of some sort of dough wrapping that is filled with a delicious filling. There are also dumplings in various other cultures including Middle Eastern, European, Caribbean, and Latin American.

The dough can be made up of many different types of starches and can use ingredients including flour, bread, or even potatoes in some dumpling forms. The filling for dumplings generally includes some sort of protein like meat or seafood and other ingredients like vegetables, spices, and sweets. In some cases dumplings might not even have filling.

Despite the many varieties of dumplings, the one varietal that comes to mind in popular culture when dumplings are mentioned are the Chinese dumplings. These can be either steamed or fried and are a very traditional and authentic Chinese food.

In Chicago, there are many places to get amazing Chinese food and many of those places will also serve dumplings but in order to get the very best that the city can offer, one will have to visit a specialty restaurant for dumplings. Unsuprisingly, the favorite of all the Windy City locals can be found in Chicago's very own Chinatown. The restaurant that has quickly made a name for itself as the favorite establishment for handmade traditional Chinese dumplings is called Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings or as some call it, QXY.

This restaurant can be found in the Richland Center mall in Chicago's Chinatown and is found tucked away in one corner next to a plethora of restaurants and shops selling a mouthwatering choice of traditional and exquisite Chinese dishes. Do not be afraid to try many of these places as most of the establishments found in this location tend to be quite easy on the wallet and is much more affordable than something you might find at a comparable restaurant in the Loop or River North. Qing Xiang Yuan has also been rennovated quite recently and is now serving amazingly flavorful dumplings much more efficiently than ever.

At Qing Xiang Yuan, there is a massive menue where the options are absolutely immense. For those that might be more indecisive, it is definitely better to take a glance at the menu in advance to plan out the orders. This restaurant offers more options for fillings than you might have thought even existed and the options range from common fillings like pork and cabbage all the way to choices like scallop and lotus root.

Qing Xiang Yuan has mastered so many different dumpling flavors over the years and if there is a dumpling flavor that exists, it has probably been experimented with at this establishment in the past. When visiting, it is recommended to come in a large group so that you can share in order to test out a few different options and flavors during the meal.

Some of the most popular dumpling options found at Qing Xiang Yuan include their classic pork and pickled cabbage and the cumin lamb and coriander. For those that are seafood lovers, the shrimp and leek dumplings are a wonderful choice as well.

Qing Xian Yuan can be found located at 2002 S Wentworth Ave around Armour Square. The location is easily accessible from Chinatown which has stops for the Red line and Green line as well as a few convenient bus stops around the area. The restaurant is open every day at eleven in the morning and is open until nine in the evening on Sunday through Thursday whereas on Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant stays open an hour later.

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