Top 7 foods to make sure to try at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair

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The Minnesota State Fair is the most visited fair in the state with just over two million people visiting the fairgrounds each year. The state fair is well known to have a huge amount of attractions but what brings in the most people is the food found there.

The 2021 Minnesota State Fair is currently planned for the days between August 26th and September 6th (Labor Day). It is found in St Paul at 1265 Snelling Ave. Currently, the tickets are still unavailable for purchasing beforehand on their website as they are still determining the new pricing framework for the 2021 tickets but for those that had puchased any tickets for the state fair last year in 2020, those same tickets will still be valid for the 2021 state fair. Simply bring those tickets to the gate as you walk in and they will be scanned and valid for any day of the 2021 Minnesota State Fair.

From the huge turkey legs to the deep-fried Twinkies, there is definitely a food stall at the Minnesota State Fair that will have someone's guilty pleasure. Each year there are hundreds of stalls selling even more food options. It can be very overwhelming to many first time state fair visitors and can be difficult to figure out what foods to try out once you are there.

Once you are walking through the state fair, here are seven of the foods you absolutely must try.

1. Sweet Martha's Cookies

This is the one food item on this list that you can not miss. Even if this is the only suggestion that you try out, Sweet Martha's Cookies will not dissapoint. They are served not by the cookie but actually by the bucket and it will definitely not dissapoint. The combo option to get a cool glass of milk is highly recommended as well.

2. Fresh French Fries

Not just any french fries, the french fries that can be found at Fresh French Fries right by Midway or the second location by the Dairy Building at Judson Avenue is the same shop that has been popularly crowned as the best french fries in the entire state. Yes, the stall is quite literally called Fresh French Fries.

3. Wild Rice Cheeseburger

The Wild Rice Cheeseburger is exactly that. It is a perfectly grilled cheeseburger that as wild rice combined throughout the hamburger patty. This is a delicious burger that will be unlike any other burger you have tasted before.

4. Tom Thumb Donuts

The tiny donuts that are found at Tom Thumb are irresistable. The smell from the donut stand will reach out far before the stand will come into view. The donuts here are impeccable right out of the deep fryer while they are incredibly hot and fluffy. Do not let these cool off.

5. Pronto Pups

The state fair experience is not complete without a corn dog and the ones you will find at Pronto Pups are the absolute tastiest you will find at the Minnesota State Fair. The corndog perfectly balances the cravings for a savory bite with a sweetness that will leave you hungry for more.

6. Mouth Trap Cheese Curds

Another delicious and classic state fair food is the cheese curds. It would be a crime to visit the state fair and miss out on these delicious cheese curds. The stall is aptly named as once you start eating these, you will not be able to stop them from continuing to go in your mouth.

7. Big Fat Bacon

As is almost tradition by this point, everything at the state fair could be served on a stick and at Big Fat Bacon, they serve a mouthwatering fatty and delicious slab of pork belly on a stick.

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