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It is almost impossible to go through Minnesotan history without at least acknoledging the amount of Nordic culture around the Twin Cities. In Minnesota, Scandinavian culture is so dispersed throughout the state that it is difficult to walk through the Twin Cities without seeing some hints of Nordic culture. Throughout history, Nordic influences can be traced back all the way to the nineteenth century when Norwegians, Scandinavians, and Danes started migrating to Minnesota. The influence of these groups can be seen everywhere for example, the NFL team in Minnesota is the Vikings which is a nod to the heavy impact of the Northen European cultures.

One area that the rich Northern European cultures is clearly seen is through the authentic Scandinavian restaurants scattered throughout the Twin Cities. Many individuals and families might be used to eating Scandinavian food at home and cooked by their families but there are also a great selection of long standing restaurants that offer a great experience as well.

It might be difficult to find any Scandinavian or Nordic restaurants for visitors to the Twin Cities but if you look around for long enough, you will notice that there are many such establishments found almost around every corner of the Twin Citites. Many of these places have been standing for decades and represent a wealth of history and culture behind what most people end up glancing over in Minnesota.

Here are a few establishments you can visit in the Twin Cities that will serve you some amazing Northen European cuisines.

Swedish Crown Bakery

The Swedish Crown Bakery can be found in a strip mall around Anoka and boasts a wide variety of Scandinavian pastries, cookies, and doughs which have all been sourced from trusted organic ingredients. Some popular choices to get at the Swedish Crown Bakery are cardamom breads, almond twisties, or maybe just a comforting limpia loaf.

Swedish Crown Bakery can be found located at 530 W Main St.


Tullibee can be found right near the heart of Minneapolis and offers a flavorful menu that changes with the seasons. They implement high quality Nordic ingreadients and have a very popular breakfast and brunch menu as well. Some of their dishes incorporate the use of various foods like lefse, lingonberries, and a thick type of yogurt native to Iceland called skyr. If you visit Tullibee, make sure you do not leave before you can try their Norwegian ice cream flavors.

Tullibee can be found located at 300 N Washington Ave.

Finnish Bistro Coffee & Cafe

Finnish Bristro Coffee & Cafe specializes in dishes like Karelian piirakka. This specific dish is a traditional Scandinavian dish that involves a pastry dough made from rye that gets filled in with potatoes and other various additions such as reindeer sausage, lefse, or pickled herring. They also have a creative renditions of other dishes that have been transformed with a new Northen European spin. One example of this would be their French toast except they replace the traditional toast with a sweeter bread containing dried fruits and cardamom that is native to Finland. They also offer many bakery treats that you should not skip either.

Finnish Bistro Coffee & Cafe can be found located at 2264 Como Ave.

Norway House Kaffebar

The Norway House Kaffebar is actually a sort of cafe you will find in the museum and offers a waffle from Norway that can often be found sold in many places during the Minnesota State Fair as well. The open faced sandwiches that can be found sold here are also tasty options for a quick snack or meal. Their sandwiches include choices like smoked salmon and caviar.

Norway House Kaffebar can be found located at 913 E Franklin Ave.

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