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What makes the Old Fashioned donut the donut of choice in Chicago

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The most popular donut is normally not the old fashioned donut.

If you walked over to a donut shop right now and asked them what their most popular order is, I do not think you will hear many places answer with the old fashioned donut. You might hear glazed or frosted donuts. You might even hear the occasional jelly donut.

The old fashioned donut is simply underrated and one place in Chicago is aiming to change exactly this misconception.

An old fashioned donut is actually a type of cake donut. Already, there is less of a love for cake donuts rather than regular yeast donuts. Many times yeast donuts can be fluffier and a lighter experience whereas cake donuts can easily become much too dense and hard to swallow.

Yet somehow, in Chicago, the buttermilk old fashioned donut from Do-Rite Donut's has risen to the top of the Chicago donut scene. This Chicago classic is adored by all with its wonderfully textured and crunchy exterior and light pillowy chew on the inside. The vanilla bean glaze that covers the donut is simply addicting as well.

Do-Rite Donut's has absolutely mastered the craft of old fashioned donuts and is completely deserving of its title as the official donut of Chicago. The buttermilk old fashioned donut is often times perfectly complemented with a cup of coffee to dunk it in.

Do-Rite Donut's have been around in Chicago for a long time and are very well known amonst the local crowd. They offer fresh donuts all day. The donuts served at Do-Rite are all cooked in small batches that are lovingly cared for so that each batch comes out with the same high quality and flavor that they are known for.

In addition to donuts, Do-Rite also offers an amazing chicken sandwich that you can get served with a donut used as its buns instead of the regular sandwich buns. As of the writing of this article, the donut replacement for buns is not available in their Water Tower Place location).

Their chicken sandwiches are a great crowd pleaser with chicken that is packed with juicy flavor and takes advantage of their signature brine and marinate before they are fried to crispy perfection.

Despite having such popular demand for all of their donuts, Do-Rite does not actually stock all of their flavors every day. It is often up to the discretion of each of their chefs as to which donut flavors are being served. Some of the flavors that are available include the most popular buttermilk old fashioned but also the cinnamon and chocolate versions of the old fashioned donut as well.

They also have had the vanilla bean glazed, candied maple bacon, cinnamon crunch raised and blueberry crumb flavors in the past. Their historically most popular flavors include the Valrhona chocolate cake, pistachio Meyer lemon, and Michigan apple fritter.

In addition to the wonderful donut choices and fried chicken sandwiches, Do-Rite also offers a delicious hand crafted coffee that was created by Dark Matter Coffee in Chicago. The coffee offered by Dark Matter Coffee is artisinally curated and produced in small batches and are fluid bed roasted. The coffee makes quite a perfect pairing with the sweet donuts offered at Do-Rite.

For those with food restrictions, Do-Rite also offers gluten free donut flavors such as their birthday cake and cinnamon & sugar donuts. In addition to gluten free, they also have vegan options with flavors like spiced maple chai, orange olive oil, and vegan double chocolate.

Do-Rite Donuts can be found in many locations across the Chicago area and some of those can be found in Tinley Park, Willis Tower, Wrigleyville, Water Tower Place, Streeterville and West Loop.

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