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Three Optimized Locations to Play Pokemon Go in Chicago

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People still play Pokemon Go?

While Pokemon Go might not be as popular as its prime back in the summer of 2016, the augmented reality game by Niantic has seen a surge in popularity during the pandemic throughout this past year. Many people have quickly become bored of their quarantined lives and are itching to do something outside or active.

As winter in Chicago is drawing to a close and it is warming up for Spring, more and more people are picking Pokemon Go back up as a way to get out of the house while not needing to meet up in groups of people to have fun and being able to maintain a safe six feet of distance while playing as well.

In Pokemon Go, there are many reasons to go outside such as spinning Pokestops or walking around to find rare Pokemon running around in the wild. This makes it a fun activity to do during the pandemic whereas normally there might not be as much of a reason to venture outside for. In many neighborhoods, it can be difficult to find many Pokestops or Pokemon spawn points.

The world of Pokemon Go is actually not static at all. The game developers take a continuous look at the real time in game data and feedback to see which areas in the world people are playing more actively and reward these players for doing so.

For example, if there are a few pokestops that have people walking over to spin them everyday, it shows the game developers that there are very active players in that area. In order to keep these players logging into the game every day they might choose to increase the spawn rates or quantity around these areas to give these players a better incentive to continue playing as such.

Below are three great locations with a lot of regular players and a huge number of both Pokestops, Pokemon Gyms and Pokemon spawns.

Northwestern University

As many Pokestops need notable locations to be created, college campuses are an ideal location for a huge number of Pokestops to be in highly dense areas. Due to the large student population, there is also an above average player density in the area which then provides more feedback to the game developers that there are a lot of players around the area. Visiting Northwestern University, there will be a few Pokestops every block you walk on and almost just as many Pokemon Gyms around the campus as well.


As many younger adults are living in the Wrigleyville area, the demographic in the area also fits the biggest demographic for Pokemon Go players. Once again the larger player base in the area has over time led to Wrigleyville being populated with many more Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms. There are also quite a lot of different Pokemon spawns around the neighborhood where rare pokemon might be found.

Millenium Park

Anywhere around downtown Chicago should be an amazing location to play Pokemon Go as the dense population makes it so that there are more people playing Pokemon Go just in terms of pure numbers. There are also many famous or notable buildings that are used as Pokestops or Pokemon Gyms. This makes it very easy to just take a nice stroll down a few blocks and be able to reach a huge amount of spins and gyms.

In each of these locations there are also very active Discord groups where you can simply look up to find the invite links. Each of these groups are great places to find friends to add in game or people to do raids with.

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