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I absolutely can't believe it's winter 2020! It seems like yesterday we were all binging Tiger King and making Dalgona coffee all while trying to find toilet paper. A new season symbolizes a fresh start, and with each fresh start along come fresh trends. Here are some fashion trends that can easily translate into everyday life, whether you're still rocking the WFH life or not.

1. Chocolate Brown: As someone who only wears neutrals, this trend makes my heart sing. I thought I had just about every shade of brown/beige in my closet until this year. Chocolate is a great variation. The color is less harsh than black, but it can still be very dressy. But because it's neutral, it can easily be paired with beiges and black. It looks great on textures like snake print, corduroy, and knits. Here are my favorite ways to wear this trend:

  • Chocolate sweater with light denim for a casual look
  • Chocolate snake knee-high boots
  • Chocolate teddy coat
  • Chocolate stiff brim fedora hat

2. Straight leg denim: Just when I thought I had accumulated all the types of skinny jeans I deemed necessary (cropped, ripped, black, white, faux leather, dark wash, light wash) straight leg denim comes along and squashes the long-running skinny jeans obsession. Now, I'm not saying to throw out your skinny jeans (what goes around comes around right?). I still think there are instances when skinny jeans are necessary: tucked into high boots, with pumps for a business casual look, or as an alternative to leggings. Overall, skinny jeans are a dressier look compared to straight leg. I urge you to try the straight leg denim look and instantly feel the cool-girl vibes. Try the denim paired with:

  • White sneakers and an oversized graphic tee
  • Combat boots and a leather jacket
  • Pointed-toe boots and a turtleneck sweater

3. Flared Denim: If straight leg denim isn't bold enough for you, flared denim is the perfect fix! In the past, flared denim was only for bohemian or hippie styles, but not anymore. Flared denim is really just a great way to elongate the legs and make you appear taller. Who doesn't want that? My current favorite pair is the Ribcage Flare from Levi's. They have the perfect amount of flare without it being too much! Here are some non-boho ways to rock the look:

  • Paired with a belted jacket and square-toe booties
  • With a cropped teddy coat and pointed-toe booties
  • Along with a strappy heel and form-fitting bodysuit

4. Lug Sole Boots/ Combat Boots: I'll admit, not everyone is going to love this trend. But, that's the beauty of trends, you can pick the ones that work for you! I lusted hardcore over Prada's interpretations this season but was able to find more budget-friendly options from Dolce Vita and Zara. I love a shoe trend that doesn't involve a heel! If black combat-boots seem too harsh or edgy for your style, opt for a lighter colored pair like white or beige. Combat boots give you a stylish excuse not to wear heels. I love them paired with:

  • A minidress (any time of the year)
  • Denim cutoffs and a long sleeve top
  • Straight-leg denim and a leather jacket

5. Matching Sweat Sets: Quite possibly my favorite trend ever and the most comfortable trend to date. This trend can be worn by anybody and almost everywhere! There's something about two matching pieces that take sweats from slob to chic. Throwing on a matching sweat set will instantly make you look put together, and it takes away the difficulty of finding an outfit to wear from your closet. You can keep this trend simple and buy a matching set in the same color or be bold with a patterned set like tie-dye or stripes. Pair with some basic white sneakers, and you're dressed without even thinking. This trend can be easily worn:

  • Working from home
  • Airports
  • Carpool pickup line
  • Grocery store
  • Brunch

6. The Shacket: Behold the love child of a button-down shirt and a jacket. This fun outerwear trend is perfect for those chilly days. Shackets are extremely versatile and are so cute in plain colors and patterns, like plaid. You can find them thinner for warmer climates or thicker for colder climates. I've even seen some in sherpa material! Shackets are the perfect swap for structured jackets like pea coats this year. Try wearing the shacket with:

  • A mini dress and combat boots
  • Leggings, tall white socks, and sneakers
  • A turtleneck, straight leg denim, and booties

7. Faux Leather: Now, since this is a broad trend, it can be applied in many ways. Think blazers, pencil skirts, shackets, pants, boots, bags, etc. Faux leather is an easy choice for most because it's less expensive than real leather, and it's vegan. Don't limit yourself to just black here. Try out beiges, burgundies, or even whites and creams. It can be edgy, sexy, or even both! I think it looks great as:

  • Faux leather leggings and an oversized sweater
  • An oversized faux leather blazer
  • A faux leather skirt (I'm convinced everyone needs at least one in their closet)
  • Square-toe boots (another winter trend)

8. Preppy Details: Growing up in a private school, this one really made me scratch my head at first. I was forced to wear khaki, plaid skirts, and collared shirts every single day. I thought I was scarred for life from that wardrobe, but I have to admit these pieces styled appropriately look absolutely adorable. Take a page out of Britney Spear's book circa 1998, but maybe forget the braided pigtails. Here are some practical iterations of the preppy style:

  • An oversized collared shirt dress with a sweater vest
  • A pleated skirt with a sweatshirt
  • Black tights paired with mini dresses or skirts
  • A cropped 1/4 zip sweater with a collar
  • Pearl jewelry or hair clips
  • Pastel colors

Trends are great for two reasons: they come and go, and there is always plenty to choose from! Fashion should never feel forced. Always wear what you are most comfortable in, and you will exude confidence. Have a little fun and mix it up. In twenty years, we will all look back and think we looked silly anyway. Remember low rise pants? Yeah, I've tried to mentally block them out too.

Now that I've sparked some creative juices, which trend(s) will you try?

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