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Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg Suggests Tree Maintenance For Preventing Storm Damage

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Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg, a tree service company based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, recently published an article about their tree maintenance services describing three situations that necessitate emergency tree removal. These situations include when a tree is sick or diseased, when it is in danger of falling or tipping, and when severe thunderstorms strike in the afternoons during the hot summer months. Steadfast Tree Care is a tree care company that offers a variety of services, including emergency tree removal.

There are many reasons for hiring a competent contractor instead of attempting to do it yourself. One of the primary reasons is safety. Tree removal poses serious risk for homeowners, employees, or even passersby if it is not done correctly.

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The first scenario occurs when there are diseased or dying trees in the yard. Trees can become diseased as a result of insect and other pest infestations or as a result of infection by certain bacteria or fungi. Diseased branches wither and die gradually and may fall suddenly, posing a hazard to residents and the home or building itself. Diseased trees frequently exhibit visible symptoms, but these become apparent only after the disease has progressed significantly. Hollowing, deep bark cracks, leaf discoloration or decay, dead or withering branches, drooping leaves and branches, leaning or drooping trees, and branch and leaf decay are all examples of these.
Property damage caused by a fallen treeSteadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg

The second scenario occurs when a tree is leaning and on the verge of falling. This is most frequently caused by a storm or strong winds. Alternatively, it could be the result of a diseased or dying tree. In general, if a tree is leaning dangerously close to a home or structure, emergency tree removal is necessary. Such a tree is a danger to the property and to people, who may sustain serious injuries. If the tree is leaning toward a neighbor's property or electric power lines, emergency tree removal may be necessary as well.

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The third scenario occurs during the afternoons of the hot summer months of July and August when severe thunderstorms roll through the area. You may not believe that tree maintenance services can help prevent your tree from being damaged by a thunderstorm, but they very well could.

According to Bradley Benner, marketing manager for Steadfast Tree Care, "We are prepared to provide emergency tree removal at any time. One of the most compelling reasons to work with a reputable tree company is also the most obvious. In some cases, the stakes associated with tree removal are quite high. Why would you trust anyone to do it unless you are certain they are the best suited for the job? There are no half-measures with professional tree removal services, or at least there should be none. When you hire a tree service contractor, you are paying for them to complete the job correctly. If the expectation is that a tree will be completely removed and the area cleaned up afterward, you should expect to get that and accept nothing less.”
Tree maintenance can prevent storm damage

He would like to add that retaining the services of a qualified tree care company is critical for mitigating the risk and liability associated with difficult and tricky tree removal. A reputable and dependable tree removal service provider can also be relied upon to provide additional services, such as debris removal and basic storm cleanup, for a reasonable fee, ensuring that the property always looks great.

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Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg also provides tree trimming and pruning services, which may be necessary when a tree's branches have grown too close to power lines, the house, or another structure. Cosmetic trimming and pruning may also be necessary if the branches have become untidy and are obstructing sunlight from reaching the plants below the tree.

Those interested in tree services from Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg can visit their website or contact them by phone or email.

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