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Alabama’s Dead Children’s Playground
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Nestled adjacent to Maple Hill, Huntsville’s oldest cemetery in Alabama, lies an eerie playground known as the Dead Children’s Playground. With its chilling nickname, this playground has garnered a reputation for being a paranormal hotspot. Supposedly designed to provide entertainment for children while their parents visited the nearby graves, this playground is said to be frequented by the spirits of deceased children, leading to a range of spooky encounters.

The Creepy Phenomena:

What makes the Dead Children’s Playground so unsettling are the eerie reports of paranormal activities that have been witnessed by visitors. Witnesses claim to have seen orbs of light descending down the slide, swings moving on their own, and even heard ghostly giggling. However, what adds to the unsettling nature of this place is the belief that the spirits of children who were buried in the cemetery since its inception in 1822 come out to play at night. Some accounts even suggest that these spirits include the victims of child murders that occurred in the 1960s, adding a disturbing layer to the legend.

The Origin of the Playground:

While the Dead Children’s Playground itself was only established in 1985, the playground’s location next to Maple Hill Cemetery, which dates back to the 19th century, adds to the overall eerie atmosphere. The playground was intended to provide children with a place to play while their families visited the graves of loved ones. However, over time, the playground became associated with unsettling stories and paranormal encounters.

Attempts to Alter the Playground:

In 2007, the city of Huntsville made an attempt to expand the cemetery grounds and decided to demolish the playground. Slides and swings were removed overnight, sparking public outcry. The response prompted the city to replace the playground equipment with more modern structures, attempting to strike a balance between accommodating the spirits and providing a safe and welcoming space for living children. This alteration not only changed the appearance of the playground but also potentially influenced the experiences reported by visitors.

The Enduring Legend:

The legend of the Dead Children’s Playground continues to captivate locals and curious visitors alike. Its dark reputation draws thrill-seekers, paranormal enthusiasts, and those intrigued by the supernatural. The tales of ghostly sightings, eerie sounds, and the tragic history associated with the location contribute to its enduring allure.


The Dead Children’s Playground near Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama, is steeped in legend and a source of fascination for those intrigued by the paranormal. Whether it be the alleged presence of spirits of deceased children or the unsettling accounts of ghostly activities, the allure of this eerie playground persists. As visitors explore this haunting location, they become part of the ongoing narrative surrounding Alabama’s Dead Children’s Playground, adding new chapters to its chilling legend.

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