ZOOMIES! Why They Occur? Are They Safe? (Zoomie Videos)

Why do dogs do zoomies? Here is why with some real-life examples… Does your dog ever run in circles and act like they are going crazy? Chances are this is a zoomie! Also, known as a FRAP (Frenetic, Random, Activity, Periods). My Boston Terrier Bella used to do zoomies almost every night when she was younger but now that she is older it has been years. In this video, I walk you through why this happens, triggers for zoomies, polls from the community, and real life examples of dogs doing zoomies. If your dogs does zoomies check out this video! If you don’t know what zoomies are here are some other names for zoomies or FRAPS: Midnight Madness, F.R.A.P., Witching Hour, Bichon Buzz (For Bichon Owners), the names for this are endless depending on who you talk to.

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