New Liquor Laws to Be Introduced in Utah in 2022

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While most people in the USA can purchase a bottle of their favorite beverage from the liquor store, or enjoy a cocktail in their favorite bar, people in Utah are under a strict law that prevents them from doing that.

Utah is the only state in the USA where the National Alcohol Beverage Control controls the liquor. The government went so far as calling bars ‘private clubs’ just because they were serving alcohol. Furthermore, getting inside those clubs required having a membership. These laws also put restrictions on restaurants, asking them to obtain Zion curtains or barriers around their bar only to prevent kids from seeing the alcohol. So, if you ever find yourself in Utah craving wine while checking out the winc wine review, make sure that it is legal, so you don’t get into trouble with the government.

The question is, will the new updates better or worsen the situation?

Changes In The Law Expected To Occur In 2022

With the assistance of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the government of Utah is set to make significant changes in the liquor laws. All the adjustments are expected to get into effect from June 1st, 2022.

According to the plan, nine new locals will get an alcohol license. Changing the liquor law will help local restaurants and bars thrive without feeling pressure. In addition, the citizens of Utah are expecting more positive changes throughout the years 2022. But what were they facing until today?

Here are some of the effective laws and effects of the upcoming liquor law. What is to be changed, and what will remain the same?

Beer That Contains 4% Alcohol Was Labeled As Liquor – Not Anymore!

Utah’s laws were so strict that they even considered beer that contains 4% alcohol to be liquor. People couldn’t purchase beer in grocery stores and restaurants, while ordering beer in a bar or a restaurant required having a full liquor license.

Luckily, the newly updated law will allow Utah’s citizens to take beer from restaurants, as long as the beer contains 5% alcohol or under and is sold in a sealed container. Ordering beer in a restaurant is still restricted, meaning the customer must order food first before getting an alcoholic beverage. Most importantly, the beer is now to be labeled and identified as a beer and not a heavy liquor.

Every Ounce of Alcohol in Your Cocktail Gets Carefully Measured

Utah is not the best state for people who love consuming cocktails. The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control even controls how much alcohol will go into your cocktails. The law is stringent, and they don’t allow more than 1.5 oz of alcohol in cocktails. The alcohol must be precisely measured and strictly follow the law’s requirements.

Restaurants Must Have Zion Curtains To Hide The Bartenders

As previously mentioned, the law obliges each restaurant that serves alcohol to have a so-called Zion curtain. This curtain is mainly made from frosted glass, and the goal is to prevent young people from seeing bartenders mixing and serving alcoholic beverages. Except for the curtains, all restaurants where alcohol is served must have an 8.5 inches long and 11 inches wide sign that says” No one under 21 is allowed”. The sign became mandatory in 2017, and it must be placed right at the entrance. It’s still enforceable!

Wine And Spirits Could Only Be Purchased In Liquor Stores – A Positive Upcoming Change

The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverages controls all liquor licenses. You can only purchase vodka, rum, or other spirits in licensed liquor stores. These stores are also the only legal places to purchase beer and wine that contains more than 5% alcohol. All the licensed stores were allowed to work only from Monday to Saturday.

However, the new liquor laws are becoming more relaxed, and people will be able to purchase alcohol on a Sunday from local manufacturers that have a Type 5 Package agency license. The update of this law will allow local brewers to apply for a Type 5 Package license and sell their products on Sundays.

You Are Not Allowed To Purchase Alcohol Without An ID

Utah’s laws are strict, and it’s not allowed to purchase any alcohol without showing an ID or driver’s license. This automatically means that you must be over 21 years old to buy liquor. The rule doesn’t only apply to liquor stores but also to restaurants and bars. Before entering a restaurant, bar, or at the cash register at the liquor store, your ID will be scanned.

If a bar or a store allows alcohol consumption to people under 21, they may face high fines and even lose their license.

If You’re Visiting Utah, Make Sure You Follow The Liquor Law

If it’s your first time in Utah, learn all the laws regarding alcohol. They may have strict laws, but laws are meant to be followed, even if you’re just a visitor.

Luckily, the government is slowly adjusting the laws to be more appealing, and even more significant changes are expected in the following years. These updates will help local restaurants and bars improve their business and help people get alcohol without fear of breaking the strict laws.

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