Utah Employment and Economic Activity Surged in July

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Utah is a state in the United States in the Mountain States Group, located in the Rocky Mountains region. In the northeast, it borders the state of Wyoming, in the east with Colorado, in the south with Arizona, in the north with Idaho, and in the west with Nevada. The population of the state is approximately 3,206.

According to statistics, Utah employment and economic activity surged in July. In addition, employment in the United States as a whole has increased significantly. Professional resume writing services played a significant role in this. This article provides a more detailed summary.

Summary on Economic Activity in the USA in July

Large-scale vaccinations against COVID-19 have allowed the United States to lift many quarantine restrictions. This led to rapid growth in economic activity and an increase in labor demand. In this regard, the cover letter writing service has become very popular. A significant increase in the number of jobs was noted in the entertainment and hospitality sectors, as well as in the fields of education and professional resume writing services.

In the industrial sector, the number of jobs increased by 27 thousand in July. Employers, however, still complain that they cannot fill open positions as many Americans are in no rush to go to work. Some of them are using the opportunity to receive unemployment benefits, which have been increased by the country's authorities due to the pandemic. Others are forced to stay at home with their children due to the limited work of child care facilities.

The number of jobs in the United States has increased by 16.7 million since April 2020. But it is still 5.7 million below the level of the pre-crisis February 2020. The number of jobs in the private sector in July increased by 703 thousand, in the public sector – by 240 thousand.

Due to the quality of LinkedIn profile writing services, the share of population participation in the labor force rose to 61.6% in July. Average hourly wages in the United States in July increased by $ 0.11 (0.4%) compared to the previous month – by $ 30.54. Compared to July 2020, it increased by 4%.

The average workweek remained at 34.8 hours.

Characteristic of Utah Employment and Economic Activity in July

Across the country, we are seeing major upticks in both hiring and employment rates. Increases in opportunities for many sectors are also being noticed. From restaurant re-openings in New York City to comedy clubs in Austin, Texas, the desire is there, for both workers and patrons. We are also seeing an increase in the service industry as quoted by one St Louis based house cleaning service and other service industries such as home remodeling, house painting, and nannies. People are simply ready to move forward with the quality of life they are accustomed to. This is in staunch contrast to a year prior when no one knew what exactly was going on

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics released at 10:00 am on July 16, 2021, Utah increased its net wages by 9,200 jobs. Last month, that is, in June, approximately 2,500 jobs were lost. The annual statistics demonstrate that the number of jobs in Utah increased by 96,400 over the past twelve months. The total employment in the non-agricultural sector of the state also shows growing statistics.

Utah's private sector added 6,700 jobs during July. In the previous month, the private sector in Utah had created 1,500 jobs. Over the past twelve months, Utah's private-sector payrolls have increased by 91,500, or 7.2 percent. Utah's private sector employment has increased over the past 12 months. Many people have managed to find good jobs thanks to resume consulting services.

The best performers on a seasonally adjusted basis in July were manufacturing (2,700) and government industries (2,500). The lowest indicators during the month were financial activities (-600) and other services (-900).

Annual statistics illustrate that the best performing sectors in the last twelve months were the leisure and hospitality sectors and trade (23,200), transport, and utilities (21,900). The lowest rates in the last twelve months were in other services (1,700) and the mining and logging industry (-400).

Utah Labor Force Statistics

Professional resume writers indicate that Utah's economic activity rose to 67.5 percent in July from 67.2 percent in the previous month. Utah ranks 7th in the country in terms of labor force participation, which stands at 67.5 percent. Utah's labor force participation fell 1.4 percentage points from a year earlier.

The employment-to-population ratio, or the percentage of Utah's civilian non-institutionalized population aged 16 and over, counted as employed, rose to 65.6 in July. In the previous month, this figure was 65.4 percent. Due to an indicator of 65.6%, Utah ranks 4th among the US states in terms of employment-to-population ratio. The employment-to-population ratio in Utah increased by 1 percentage point from the previous year.

The employment-to-population ratio in July remained stable at 58 percent. This figure increased by 3.4 percentage points over a year earlier. The record high employment-to-population ratio in the country was 64.7 percent in April 2000. The 10-year high of the employment-to-population ratio in the USA was 61.1 percent in February 2020. In April 2020, the minimum value of the ratio of employment to the total population was 51.3 percent.

Thus, employment and economic activity in Utah increased significantly in July. If you want to add to the workforce in the state, use the best resume writing services and get a good job!


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