Stranded Utah Couple Miss Out on Cruise After 3 Negative COVID Tests

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The 44th anniversary celebration of a Utah couple ended before it could get started.

Brian Gurr and Myra decided to celebrate their special day with a Caribbean cruise.

They were vaccinated against COVID-19 and told late July that they wouldn't need to have a negative COVID test in order to board the Independence of the Seas of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

The cruise line sent the Gurrs an email on August 13th, two days before they set sail for their cruise. It indicated that they would need to take a negative test.

"We just received all this mixed information. Myra Gurr stated that it was basically a nightmare.

They took the COVID test at their local pharmacy the night after they received the email. As a backup, they also bought and administered take-home antigen test.

They flew to Houston, Texas the next day on August 14.

The pharmacy test results didn't return before the cruise set sail. Security at Galveston, Texas wouldn't accept the take-home results.

Brian Gurr stated, "With the limited amount of time we had, we did everything possible." We took one test at Walgreen's and then did the self-test at home. We ended up with three tests. None of them were positive, but it wasn't the right timing.

Myra and Brian, along with other passengers not allowed to board, rushed to an emergency care near the port for a third test. The virus was also not found in that test.

They returned to the dock to find that the ship had closed 15 minutes earlier, and that they were not permitted to board.

Myra stated that they had told her they would close the doors at 4:15 when they returned at 4:30. "There were at most 20 people from four families who were kept out, just like us. They wouldn't let them in."

Brian and Myra watched the boat leave Galveston. Their luggage was already aboard and has not yet been returned.

Brian stated, "If we had a few more days and all the right information, we probably would have been okay."

The couple flew to Utah the next day and returned to their home to celebrate their anniversary.

They claim that attempts to reach Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has not resulted in any answers.

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