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People are impatient. We don't want weight loss to be delayed. We are looking for a magic trick to instantly lose weight. Similarly, some of the most popular articles online on job hunting give people doubtful but creative suggestions.

A common myth in job hunting is that you can bypass most of the hiring process simply by listing the keywords from the job description on your resume. Although keywords are essential, listing them on your resume won't convince any hiring manager or recruiter to let you go too far in the hiring process. Still, you must be qualified to do the job.

What is the best way to attract recruiters and hiring managers' attention? To find out, I reached out to them.

Make sure you're qualified

This advice is for those who send a lot of job application in the hope that an employer will respond to them.

When it comes to applying for jobs, quality is more important that quantity. This is one of the most important things job seekers should remember. Even if your applications aren't as many as you used to submit, you will get better results if you concentrate on the quality.

Nicole L., a talent acquisition specialist, wrote that "To attract the attention of recruiters, hiring managers, and the candidate should know the position he/she applied to and their resume should reflect this." "I get too many generic resumes that don't show how the candidate's skills are transferable to the job or were submitted with no interest in the job."

Imagine you are a recruiter/hiring manager receiving two applications for the exact same job. The first applicant took the time and tailored their cover letter and resume to fit the job. One applicant clearly submitted the resume that they sent to each job. Would you like to interview which applicant?

Resumes speak volumes

Resumes can be a fascinating beast. Although few people enjoy writing and editing resumes, they can open up a lot of doors for potential employers.

People used to rely on gimmicks before the internet. People could put elaborate graphics on their resumes or place them on bright pink paper to attract attention from hiring managers or recruiters.

The reality of today is very different with much of the hiring process now being done online. Although it is possible to get physical documents from hiring managers and recruiters, most applicants will submit their applications online.

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