Opinion: Citizens frustrated as stores lock up items. Newsom vows a holiday crackdown on thefts

California Increases Operations To Combat Organized Retail Crime for The Holiday SeasonPhoto byPexels.com

Wandering through a store these days often feels like navigating a maze of security measures and locked cabinets. Everyday items, from basic toiletries to over-the-counter medications, are often concealed behind locked doors, requiring assistance from store employees to access.

The rise in shoplifting and organized retail crime has left many law-abiding citizens feeling frustrated and disillusioned. As stores increasingly resort to locking up everyday items to prevent theft, the shopping experience has become more inconvenient and burdensome for honest customers.

Smash-and-grab robberies, often referred to as flash mobs, where a group of thieves break into a store, are often brazen and can be violent.

Some community members are so fed up with the repeated flash mob smash and grabs at a Nike store in Watts, according to KCAL 9 NEWS, citizens are banding together to stand guard outside to deter more theft. Despite an LAPD presence near the Nike store it has been hit numerous times.

Proposition 47 made some non-violent property crimes, where the value does not exceed $950, into misdemeanors. The perception that criminals are not facing adequate consequences for their actions further fuels community frustration.

As the holiday shopping season approaches, California is taking steps to crack down on organized retail crime, a growing problem that costs retailers billions of dollars each year.

The impact of retail theft on businesses is significant. Retailers must not only absorb the cost of stolen goods, but they also incur additional expenses for security measures, such as loss prevention personnel, surveillance cameras, and security tags.

These costs can eat into profits and make it difficult for businesses to remain competitive. Retailers pass on the cost of theft to consumers in the form of higher prices. In some cases, retail theft can even force businesses to close their doors.

To address these issues, California is launching an organized crime crackdown for the holiday season according to a post on X (formerly Twitter) from the Office of the Governor of California.

X users expressed skeptisim writing on X:

But as long as someone keeps their stealing under $900 they have nothing to worry about. Laws like this $900 limit hurt law enforcement, not help them. X -user
Why are we doing this just for the holiday season. You know organized retail crime happens 365 days a year. X-user

Governor Gavin Newsom said that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) will be increasing its law enforcement presence in key retail districts across the state.

"When criminals run out of stores with stolen goods, they need to be arrested and escorted directly into jail cells, Newsom said in the media release.

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