Opinion: Adolf Trump? Joe Biden & cable news comparing Donald Trump to Hitler, a hit or miss?

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[ U.S Politics] The political landscape has become increasingly polarized in recent years, with both parties resorting to hyperbolic rhetoric to demonize their opponents. This trend seems to be reaching a fever pitch this week as President Biden and corporate media in sync are comparing former president Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

USA Today reported:

"Donald Trump is drawing more comparisons to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini with his latest description of his political opponents as "vermin. Trump used the term at least twice this past weekend, reminding many of how dictators like Germany's Hitler and Italy's Mussolini compared their enemies to rodents during their rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s".-USA Today

While these comparisons may be intended to highlight the perceived dangers of Trumpism, they ultimately serve to undermine the effectiveness of the Biden administration's message and could cost them dearly in the 2024 election.

First and foremost, labeling Trump as Hitler is a historically inaccurate and deeply offensive comparison. Hitler was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. Trump's presidency was marked by economic growth, low unemployment, border protections, no new wars, and a strong military. Drawing parallels between these two individuals is not only unfair but also risks trivializing the horrors of the Holocaust.

Trump is a polarizing figure, to say the least. But if you put aside the politics and rhetoric, there's no denying that he made some positive contributions to the country during his time in office.- Black Political Opinion by Lashaun Turner

Secondly, name-calling and personal attacks are counterproductive in achieving the goal of defeating Trumpism. Rather than engaging in a war of words, the Biden administration should focus on delivering concrete results that improve the lives of ordinary Americans.

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Finally, corporate media and cable news seemingly parroted President Biden's talking points as evidenced by the compilation showing the 51 times the media compared Trump to Hitler. Almost as if a directive went out and each outlet, anchor needed to somehow fit the words Trump is Hitler and/or Mussolini incarnate, into their broadcasts.

Coordinated rhetoric like this could possibly play into Trump's hands by allowing him to deflect attention from his own shortcomings and portray himself as the victim of fake news and witch hunts. This strategy has been effective in the past, and it is likely to be effective again in 2024.

Cable news reporting in lock step with only one side of the political aisle's propganda is a serious problem. It is making it more difficult for Americans to have informed conversations about important issues. It is also contributing to the polarization of American politics.

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