Ron DeSantis to pro-Hamas protesters "if you don't like this country you should get out"

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On Oct 7, 2023, the terrorist organization Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel from the air, sea and ground, killing more than 1000 civilians including women and children.

Large protests across America in support of Hamas and Palestine have occurred since the brazen attack.

Many pro-Palestinians in America, some who are immigrants, criticize U.S. foreign policy arguing that it has historically been biased in favor of Israel. They oppose the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis commented on the protests and to those who are cheering what he called ‘barbarism” enacted by Hamas:

“The barbarism is the most disgusting thing I've seen. You look at ISIS, you look at Al Qaeda. I don't think they went to this depth for what Hamas is doing. So we have people that are cheering that. And my view is nobody has a right to come to this country”.

“And if you don't like this country, then you should get out of this country. You should not be allowed to come here in the first place if you don't share the values of the United States of America. And I think we've allowed people to come in illegally who reject our values, but I think we've also allowed people to come legally who reject our values”.

“And if we don't have any type of common currency that ties us together as a people, this country is just not going to succeed. So, yes, I'd be strong on legal immigration to make sure that we're vetting people that are coming in”.

“And the only reason to have people come in is because it benefits the United States of America and our people. It's not because you have an entitlement as a foreign citizen”.

Desantis said Israel is one of our greatest allies. The alliance between Israel and the United States is deeply rooted in shared strategic interests.

Both countries face common threats in the volatile Middle East, including terrorism and regional instability. The collaboration in intelligence and military operations has been pivotal in addressing these challenges.

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