Opinion: Is Joe Biden's re-election in jeopardy? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to run as Independent in 2024


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Robert Kennedy Jr to run for president as independent in 2024

According to a Mediaite report, Robert F. Kennedy Jr will announce that he will run for president in 2024 as an independent candidate.

This move is likely to have a significant impact on the race, particularly on the chances of incumbent President Joe Biden winning re-election.

Robert F. Kenney Jr teased an announcement is coming on October 9th in Pennsylvania but did not say what that announcement would be.

Potential Effects on Biden's Re-Election Chances

According to a recent poll Kennedy is currently polling at 10% among Democratic primary voters. There are a number of potential effects that Kennedy's independent run could have on Biden's re-election chances.

Kennedy, who is known for his anti-vaccine activism and his promotion of conspiracy theories, is likely to draw support from both Democrats and never Trump Republicans who are unhappy with the status quo. This could split the vote and make it more difficult for Biden to win.

Second, Kennedy's candidacy could make it more difficult for Biden to unite the Democratic Party behind him. Kennedy has been critical of Biden on a number of issues, and his candidacy could further divide the party. This could make it more difficult for Biden to generate the enthusiasm and turnout that he will need to win re-election.

There are a number of things that Biden can do to mitigate the negative effects of Kennedy's independent run. First, he needs to focus on energizing his own base of support. This means appealing to progressive Democrats, working-class voters, and African American voters.

Biden also needs to do a better job of connecting with Latino voters, who have been underwhelmed with his performance in office.

Second, Biden needs to unite the Democratic Party behind him. This means reaching out to his critics and finding ways to compromise on key issues.

Biden also needs to make a clear case for why he deserves re-election. He needs to highlight his accomplishments in office and lay out his vision for the future.

Joe Biden’s Re-Election Challenge: Most Democrats Don’t Want Him to Run

Biden is consistently polling unfavorably on the major concerns of the country including the economy and immigration. Biden is also currently facing an impeachment inquiry.

Overall, it is clear that Biden's re-election is in jeopardy. He faces a number of challenges, and unless the political landscape changes significantly in the coming year and a half. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running as an Independent in 2024 could derail Biden's re-election bid.

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