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Email marketing can be challenging for novice marketers if they are not familiar with the right way to approach it. This also stands true for businesses that are interested in newsletters. But by taking inspiration from newsletter examples, you can create an eye-catching and relevant newsletter.

No matter your reason for sending out emails and newsletters, if it fails to engage recipients, it won't be of any use to your marketing campaign.

So, ensure that you offer a good balance of company news, product info, and other methods that get people to sit and take notice. If you overload it with information without letting the reader decide what they want to interact with, they will instantly close it. In fact, recipients altogether stop opening emails with you as the sender.

. But besides sharing product updates, new releases, changes to your program, benefits, and event information, newsletters build your brand reputation. This means you need to be more conscious of how a newsletter may reflect on your company. In turn, it can help your company boost sales.

So, how will you communicate all of that in a newsletter while also keeping it eye-catching and relevant? You can find plenty of examples of newsletters that can tell you how it's done.

5 Tips To Creating An Engaging Newsletter

Newsletters are an integral part of content marketing. In fact, sending the newsletter is a regular practice for 83 percent of B2B companies that send newsletters to existing and prospective customers. However, the real trouble comes in when they can't get engagement on it.

You could be one of those people struggling with a lack of engagement on your newsletters, too, looking for a fix. So, here are a few tips that can help you create an engaging newsletter.

Make It Less "Salesy"

Even though the purpose of your newsletter might be to retain a customer or secure another sale, it shouldn't be too obvious. If your customers see that the newsletter is just another attempt to secure a deal, they wouldn't be interested in opening it. Some might even unsubscribe to your newsletter.

So, to ensure that your customers open it, you need to add information that should intrigue them. For example, you can provide them with news updates, tips, research, special offers, etc. It can be anything that delivers value while informing them about your brand.

Design Matters

You have produced killer content for your newsletter, but the design has bunched up everything making it look overcrowded and uninteresting. There are blocks full of text, images that won't load, and clumsy animations.

How would your subscribers find it? Would they want to read? Unfortunately, there's a great chance they'll abandon it the moment their eyes land on it.

This is why you, regardless of what you sell, need to focus on your newsletters' design. First things first, avoid clutter. The simpler your message is to comprehend through the design and content, the longer your subscribers will stick around.

Keep all your subscribers in perspective while designing your newsletters. Besides being well-designed and consistent, they should be optimized for tablets and smartphones. Many of your subscribers might be opening it on devices other than a computer, so it is necessary to reduce the risk of abandonment.

Impactful Subject Line

Your subject line is the first impression of your newsletter on the subscribers. Forty-seven percent of people consider the subject line before deciding to open their emails, and 69 percent choose whether to report it spam by reading the subject line. This alone tells you the importance of a good subject line.

So, the subject line should be concise, relevant to the content and subscribers' interest, and have active words. This will create the strong hook you need to grab the subscribers' attention.

Moreover, adding a personalized touch to the subject line can go a long way since emails with the recipient's name in the subject line have an 18% open rate.

Offer Exciting Incentives

To engage the subscribers, you need to include offers such as special discount codes, referral programs, or even free downloads of white papers, reports, or EBooks. But these offers need to provide real value to your readers and must compel them to avail these incentives.

This increases the subscribers’ engagement rate and sparks their interest in your products or services. But to execute this strategy effectively, you need to conduct thorough research on your target audience to understand their pain points and what they require from your brand. Segment these customers into different groups so that you can craft the right newsletter that includes an offer that entices that particular segment of customers.

Provide Valuable Content

Your newsletter must contain content that offers value to your customers and gives them all the information they need on any of your products or service.

Before curating the content for a newsletter, you need to observe what your subscribers expect to gain by subscribing to your business, how they can gain it, and what you can do to make this as smooth and easy for them as possible.

Getting the answers to these questions can help you create an effective newsletter that engages your readers and compels them to purchase from you.


Creating an engaging newsletter is no less than an art, and it takes time to master. All you need is to understand the interests and priorities of your subscribers. When you know what they want to see, you will have no trouble showing it to them.

A data-based strategy can direct your newsletter towards success and get you more engagement, earn customers' trust, build authority, and ultimately drive sales.

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