We had some good food and time at Delish Ethiopian Cuisine.

As far as I believe, Delish Ethiopian Cuisine is among the best eateries in Seattle. I went with my family for dinner at Delish, and they turned out to be such an amazing host. If you are in Delish, you must try the Veggie combo and Meat combo. The meat combo includes kitfo, tibs, kaye wot, gomen, cheese, injera, and alicha wot. All the ingredients are so fresh and handpicked. I just couldn't stop myself from visiting this place again and again. The people out there are very helpful. They make sure that you feel comfortable all the time. Food is properly cooked and tastes so delicious. I had the best time over this place, loved the food and hospitality. They have an online delivery system, or you can take away your food. Coming back here again!

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Seattle, WA

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