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Imagine a simple tool you could use to take a quick snapshot of the current state of your life. Wouldn’t it be great to have such a thing? You will find it in this article. Read on to learn more!

The Wheel of Life

When it comes to quick personal assessments, few provide as much information about your life as the simple tool called the Wheel of Life (WOL). This assessment gives an extraordinarily rich look at where you stand in different areas of your life and helps you find great opportunities for personal growth.

The WOL takes only minutes to complete and provides you with a view no other tool can. All you need to do is mark each of the eight lines representing different areas of your life. The center of the diagram signifies the lowest level of satisfaction for each area, and the outside edge/circumference of the circle represents complete and total satisfaction. Each line has ten marks, with a midpoint marked as five.

While eight areas of life are on the following WOL, you can add more or change any headings you wish. You can customize the WOL for a specific part of life, such as work, marriage, relationships, or anything else you wish to check. For example, to create a WOL for your work life, you may replace or add such areas as productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, punctuality, leadership skills, relationships with bosses, colleagues, subordinates, etc.

Before continuing this article, I recommend you print the WOL and do the exercise. Why not print more than one copy and ask someone to join you in the activity for fun? Using the WOL is a great way to gauge where you and someone close to you currently stand in the various areas of your lives. You will always uncover growth opportunities by taking the assessment.

Go ahead and give the WOL a try now. You know you want to!

Interpreting the Wheel of Life

Once you have ranked every area, draw a line to connect each point to form a radar-like pattern or graph. You can see how this looks in the following graphic.

Having completed the exercise, what do you notice?

Looking at the completed example below, pay attention to what is inside and outside the radar chart lines. As the sample drawing indicates, the area inside the radar chart indicates your satisfaction. In contrast, the area outside the radar chart lines indicates your dissatisfaction. The greater the dissatisfaction, the more opportunity you will find for improvement.

To further increase your knowledge, examine the chart more closely and ask yourself, “What do I notice about each area?” This question will lead you to specific opportunities to learn more about yourself.

Remember that your completed chart captures a snapshot of where you are when you take it in your current frame of mind. By keeping the completed assessment, you can use it to see how you progress over time by simply retaking it and comparing the older and newer WOL. From this, you will find out if you have made any progress or have fallen behind in one or more areas as you age and mature.

While you can use the tool as often as you wish, add an appointment to your calendar to retake it in six months, one year, and further out if you want. What better way to monitor your progress?

Final thoughts

Use this simple assessment to establish a baseline to compare where you are now for your future self. You and your future self are worth the few minutes it will take!

Are you satisfied with the results you just uncovered? It is normal to have dissatisfaction in several areas of life you wish to improve. All of us do, even those of us using the WOL for over a decade!

Once again, It always helps to take such an assessment with someone you trust. Doing this allows you to learn from one another’s observations enhancing your perspectives. Take the chance and bring someone like your spouse or best friend into this inner world. Use what you learn to go forth and create the best life you can!

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