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Bill Abbate

Who doesn’t want to get rich in a hurry? Wouldn’t it be great to find a real shortcut to wealth? Plenty of people claim such things exist. Can they deliver?

Let’s look at the possibilities and reality of such claims.

Get rich the quick and easy way!

You can find plenty of articles and ads promising success beyond your wildest dreams. All you need to do is purchase their program, book, or services, and before you know it, you will become wealthy. Are any of them true? Are any of them misleading?

Practically all of these articles, books, or programs are part of the “get-rich-quick” industry that has been around forever. If you are of the mind that anyone can “get rich quick,” they will appeal to you. There are plenty of people that will happily separate you from your money.

You don’t have to look very hard to find many fantastic offers to help you achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. Many people and companies are selling their version of “Seven easy ways to think your way to wealth,” “Start earning more now with this proven method,” or “Let me show you the quick and easy way to big earnings.” Some of these pitches are followed by, “For only $99.99 in four easy payments…!” or something similar.

How many of these get-rich-quick schemes deliver what they promise? Can you trust the many testimonials out there? Be wary because they can be bought and misleading.

Then there are the many multi-level marketing (MLM) “opportunities” that abound. These usually come from someone you know who claims you can make easy money by joining them. Is there money to be made? Let’s turn to a reputable source, the Federal Trade Commission, for their input.

According to the FTC, less than 1% of MLM participants produce a profit, and more than 95% of the participants leave the company within five years! How enticing does that sound?

“In his heart everyone knows that the only people who get rich from the ‘get rich quick’ books are those who write them.” Richard M. Nixon (1913–1994)

What about the many other offers for their training? Or those offering a course that practically guarantees a path to success. They promise to make you a better writer, help you become a life coach, work from home, or lift you to the top of your profession, among many other claims. Each will supposedly put you “in the money.” Will they? Let’s clear up a few things to see if we can make sense of them.

The basic premise of many articles, books, and programs or schemes is — how your thinking, learning, attracting, attitude, etc. (plus their method/system/knowledge) can put you on the fast road to success.

Before moving forward with such a thing, it’s best to define what thinking, learning, attracting, attitude, and success means.

Their methods and success

Does thinking mean conjuring something in your mind and doing little more? Does it mean you take a thought, dream about and envision it, and BAM — something magically appears?! Perhaps learning is the magical ingredient? Does learning something lead to success? Have you ever heard the term educated fool? Enough said!

How about that old law of attraction? Can your thoughts attract whatever you want in life? Maybe it’s your attitude? Can an attitude shift put you on the road to success? Or is there something more? What “magical” ingredient leads someone to fame and fortune? Keep reading to find out!

What is it these many systems provide so they can deliver success? That depends on how they define success. Is their definition the same as yours?

For many people, success has to do with work and money. For some, it is quality of life and happiness. To others, it may be where and how they live. Success can be making a couple of extra bucks for one person and millions for another. Success is as individual as we are, so any pitch about success is meaningless unless it’s clearly defined and understood.

That little thing called reality often gets in the way of many of these get-rich-quick schemes. Without reality, well, it isn’t real, is it? Without reality, their promises are only a fantasy or a lie.

Let’s get real

Thoughts, learning, attraction, attitude, and other such things are incomplete without the magical ingredient of action, which is synonymous with work!

Action acts as the bridge between what it takes and making it real. To achieve anything in life requires you to put forth effort in the form of actual work.

“Get-rich-quick schemes are for the lazy & unambitious. Respect your dreams enough to pay the full price for them.” Steve Maraboli (1975-present)

Action only works when you take the right action. Anything else wastes energy and is prone to failing. This is where most get-rich-quick schemes fall apart.

They may give you a list of actions to take in exchange for your money, yet their “surefire” method will rise and fall not on their list, technique, or method but on your actions, giving them an out. But will they be the right actions? Will they be tested and true?

If you choose to go for any form of get-rich-quick scheme, ask these questions before handing over your hard-earned money:

  • How long has your system or process been in use?
  • How many people have had success with it?
  • What is your dropout rate?
  • How do you define success using this method or technique?
  • How much support do you provide specifically? Does it cost extra?
  • What is the total cost for this level of success?
  • How much time will I need to invest to ensure I succeed?
  • What exactly must I do to achieve this level?
  • Will you refund me in full if I find your system does not work? Can I get that in writing?

Also, don’t forget to:

  • Check out their online presence and find forums to see what people say about them. A quick way to locate such information is to type the name of the company or person and add the word scam when you google it.
  • Ask for a list of several people with their contact info who have used their system or method with no affiliation other than using their process.

What it takes in reality

Accumulating wealth takes time. The very meaning of the word accumulate is to gather or acquire gradually. Little of any real value is “accumulated” overnight!

Isn’t it odd that most people who claim to have gotten rich quickly are those who want to sell you something? Hmm. Could that be how they made their money, by merely convincing enough other people to give them theirs?

If you need a little more convincing, please read the following quote from a person who helped thousands of people become more financially secure during his lifetime and beyond. His wisdom is timeless and trustworthy.

“Get-rich-quick thinking leads to three basic errors: (1) Getting involved with things you cannot understand; (2) Risking funds you cannot afford to lose, that is, borrowed funds; and (3) Making hasty decisions. Each of these actions violates one or more biblical principles… Together they constitute a sin called greed.” Larry Burkett (1939–2003)

Final thoughts

Are you aware warnings have existed for thousands of years about get-rich-quick schemes? Yet they continue to exist and are more common than ever! Unbelievably, countless people continue to fall for them; otherwise, they would become nonexistent!

Nearly 3000 years ago, scripture warned:

“Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time.” Proverbs 13:11 NLT

It is common knowledge that money gained quickly disappears just as quickly. All you need to do is look at lottery winners for confirmation. Besides the winners being very rare, most go bankrupt within a few years. And that is to mention nothing of those who inherit money and quickly blow it!

“The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.” Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919)

Steady, regular work and consistent saving are how you can accumulate lasting wealth. It was true 3000 years ago, and it is true today. What will you do the next time you find something too good to be true? It is your choice and your responsibility, so choose wisely!

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