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I love quotes! Over the years, I have collected thousands. Early on, I wrote them on scraps of paper, 3x5 cards, the back of business cards, in numerous notebooks, daily planners, and journals. It brings joy to look through them and reflect on when they first captured my attention.

Some of the most remarkable people to have ever lived left us tremendous wisdom in these small groups of words. What you can learn from quotes is invaluable and virtually limitless.

“The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation.” Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)

Today it is much easier to record quotes in a document file, which allows you to search them. I have several Word files filled with quotes, and while I enjoy the tactile sensation of flipping through the pages of my notebooks and journals, it is far easier to find them in a computer file, especially when you have thousands!

The great thing about quotes is they can cover practically any subject imaginable. The subject may be gentle, harsh, loving, crude, humorous, crass, witty, silly, inspirational, discouraging, or a thousand others. Whatever the situation, there is likely a quote that covers it. Fortunately, you can usually find the perfect quote without too much difficulty in today's digital age.

Quotes open doors of opportunity

Because quotes can express so much meaning in so few words, they open tremendous doors of opportunity. A few of the many opportunities they provide me include:

  • Thinking more deeply
  • Inspiring and motivating me
  • Learning and growing in wisdom, knowledge, and common sense
  • Keeping a positive outlook and a good attitude
  • Fostering a growth mindset
  • Getting started and taking action
  • Overcoming psychological blocks and getting unstuck
  • Preparing me for writing and finding topics to write about, through which I can inspire and motivate others
  • Helping me lighten up and laugh!
  • Building and strengthening the most important thing in life, relationships!

While you can add far more to this list, are those not some astounding benefits? Where else can you easily find so much in so few words?

A few ways quotes can help

Let me give you an example of how quotes can help you become excited about them by using some great quotes about quotes!

While most quotes consist of only a sentence or two, as this quote points out, it is not the words themselves but what is in the message that lies behind them. A good quote can express meaning in a way nothing else can.

"It is often not the words but the message behind the words that makes a quote so meaningful. Even the shortest of quotations can convey the most powerful of messages, provide meaningful perspective, and impart hard-won wisdom." Paul Ayoub (1955-present)

Quotes have a wonderful way of inspiring and motivating those who read and hear them and can even instill confidence. When the quote comes from the right person, it can carry great credibility and authority.

"A few simple words can change your life. They may motivate, inspire and instil confidence in a person. Hammad Farooqui" (1988-present)

In addition to inspiring us, many quotes provide us with wisdom in a way little else can.

"The great thing about inspiring quotes is that they pack so much wisdom in so few words." Chris Hughes (1983-present)

Beyond inspiring us, writers often use quotes to encourage us to do more, become more, experience more, and care more, to mention only a few things. Some quotes are so powerful they can change the way you think, opening your mind to new perspectives you had never considered.

"Quotes can get into your mind and change how you feel, think, or see a circumstance." Sam McKenzie Jr. (1935-2017)

Many quotes have a purity and simplicity that is difficult to convey in any other way. All great quotes stand alone, pointing to reality while creating meaning at depths not formerly known or experienced.

"… quotes are so effective because they are isolated pieces of information, not muddied or diluted by surrounding words or sentences." Joe Tichio (1974-present)

I hope this brief list of quotes inspires you to explore the wonderful world of quotations so you, too, can experience their life-changing messages. Read what one of the greatest men in the twentieth century had to say about quotes:

"The quotations when engraved upon the memory, give you good thoughts. They also make you anxious to read the authors and look for more." Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Final thoughts

If you ever find yourself stuck in life, do an online search for a quote that can give you ideas and inspire you. One of my favorite websites to search for quotes is AZ Quotes. This website contains thousands of quotes and makes them easy to find. Google also provides numerous sites by simply searching for the subject and adding the word "quote" in the query.

Why not take a minute to search online for a quote that can inspire, encourage, cause you to think deeply, build you up, or make you laugh? There is an entire world waiting for you to tap it, so why not have some fun? Let the search begin!

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