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How often do you take time to appreciate something you have created? Like many of us, you may be unaware of how often you create and take your creations for granted. Have you realized you are a creator? If not, you are in for a treat. If you have, read on to find the secret to creating even more in your life.

You are a creator

If you do not see yourself as a creator, stop and give it some thought. If you believe in God, the scriptures tell us He created us in His image. He is a creator if there ever was one, and since He created us to be like Him, we too are creators.

Yes, every human being is a creator, creating many things in their lives each day. You create something of value every day at work, or you will not have a job for long. You create the income you need to live in this modern society by working. You create meals from what you buy from this income. You create goodwill, or possibly disfavor, with the many people you interact with each day.

Every relationship is in a continuous state of creation, including the feelings and emotions that go along with them. Just think how amazing it is to continually create a relationship with your spouse until you are well into your 90s!

If you play an instrument, you may not have created the songs you play, but you create sound by playing them. Vacation and time off are known as recreation because, as the Oxford Languages dictionary puts it, recreation is:

“the action or process of creating something again.”

Reading, writing, and more

As a reader, what you read creates a great deal in your mind. Reading helps increase your vocabulary, uncover new perspectives, learn new things, and think thoughts you otherwise would not have had. All of these are acts of creating.

Writing is itself an act of creating unless you enjoy plagiarizing. Some writers realize they are creators, but many do not. Outside of the arts, most fields of endeavor do not see themselves as creators either.

Yet everyone alive and breathing creates something. If you work, you create a product or service for the company, creating income. If you do not work, you still create. As with every living thing, you create waste products every time you eat or drink. Breathing itself creates carbon dioxide! Although you may not consider yourself a creator, the fact that you are is irrefutable. We are all creators! Accepting this fact instead of ignoring it can change your life.

Creating is a simple process, yet to create well is not always easy. Sure, you can sit down and write a 500-word article with little effort, but unless you think deeply and pore over your words, write and rewrite to perfect it, what you produce may not have much value. Yet when we write a creation of great value, oh wow! What an incredible feeling of accomplishment!

What applies to writing applies to the work you do. You can put in your hours at work creating something of minimal value to keep your job, or you can do more. What employer would not appreciate what you create each day when you put your heart into it to do your best?

When you begin appreciating what you create in your work, you take creating to the next level. It is here that you can begin creating extraordinary results and value.


Appreciation is sometimes misunderstood and confused with thankfulness and gratitude. To understand the power of these three words and clear up the differences, let’s look at their definitions from the Oxford Languages dictionary.

  • Gratitude - Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful. Received or experienced with gratitude; welcome.
  • Thankfulness - Pleased and relieved. Expressing gratitude and relief.
  • Appreciation - Recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. A full understanding of a situation. Increase in monetary value.

One way to look at the three words is that gratitude leads to thankfulness based on feelings and emotions. Each of these leads to appreciation which is the cognitive recognition and understanding of the value of something. This means that when you begin to appreciate your creations, they increase in value. In other words:

What you appreciate appreciates!

The more you apply the mindset of appreciating what you create, the greater the potential to receive more from your creations.

Let’s look at writing through the lens of appreciation. When you sit down to create an article and publish the creation, you receive value. What value? Plenty! Besides money, you can receive acceptance, recognition, respect, acknowledgments, accolades, awards, friends, and followers, to name a few.

Appreciation in action

Something I recommend you do after each creation, no matter how small, is to pause. Look at it. Appreciate it! This creation came from you, from your thoughts, from your hands, from your heart! When you truly come to appreciate your creation, you will see it through the eyes of love. It is your creation, your baby, so to speak. Nothing on earth is as powerful as love!

Like anything you love, don’t hold on too tight. Release it – put it forth into the world! As the eagle pushes the eaglet out of the nest high above the ground, do so with your creation. As you release your children into the world to their independence, release your creation into its world. Each of these is an act of love and freedom. Be completely selfless! Once you have set it free, step back, look at, admire and appreciate what you have created. Let it inspire and fuel your creativity for your next creation.

Create your legacy

Think about the legacy so many writers have left. The many thousands of books and writings left by individuals like you and me are such a treasure. They have encouraged us on our road in this life. They have helped us think, grow, mature, and become better people. Why not join them by releasing your creations into the world?

Think of the legacy you can create! Those words from your heart and mind can live far beyond your life. They can touch people’s hearts and minds into the distant future. Imagine the people you may help because of your writing. It’s very inspiring, isn’t it?

Final thoughts

If you take some time, you will see more potential for creating than you have ever dreamed. If you are one of those fortunate people that works with words, never forget - you are a creator in the truest sense of the word.

Always remember this foundational truth in life - What you appreciate appreciates (and conversely, what you do not appreciate depreciates.) Live a rich and fulfilling life by applying your understanding of creating to everything, especially to your marriage, family, friends, and work!

See the bright future for your creations unfolding before you. See them in your mind and heart and in the words you write. Now, go forth and create. Leave that legacy for those who come after you!

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