We Were All Born to Create

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Have you ever considered the possibility that you are a creator? What if I told you that you were not only born to create, but you create every day of your life? How could it change your life?

You were born to create

So much of life is about creating it often goes unnoticed. Did you know you were born creating? Creating what? Have you ever changed a diaper? Need you ask more?

Seriously though, our bodies are creating machines. At the cellular level, we are on autopilot, constantly developing new cells. According to an article in Scientific American, our bodies make 330 billion new cells every day! These new cells replace those that routinely die or are lost. In 80 to 100 days, we create 30 trillion cells, the same number of cells in our entire body!

A little aside, we do not create an entirely new body every few years, as some claim. That would be impossible since some cells last between 15 to 50 or more years. In fact, brain cells may live up to 200 years, according to some estimates! Other cells. Such as those in our eye lens live a lifetime while heart cells live up to 40 years.

One final fact is from the time we are born to the time we die, we create new neurons in our brains. Yes, even adults create 1500 new neurons each day, according to recent studies! And all of these amazing facts pale in comparison, considering each of the potential 100 trillion neurons in an average brain can make up to 15,000 connections via synapses. Talk about a complex creation! The brain is so incredibly intricate National Geographic claims no other known structure in the universe is more complex!

But this article is not about creating things we cannot see with the naked eye. It is about the things we create in everyday life.

You create constantly

Starting as a child, each of us begins creating soon after we begin talking. Have you ever heard a small child ask endless questions? If not, you have missed an impressive period of the highly creative act of them exploring their world. Even as an adult, we can continue to create new experiences by exploring the wonders of creation.

We create every day through the questions we ask. As we go through school, we work on creating our thought processes and influencing our world and those in the world around us. Influencing, by the way, is another form of creating. You create a response in someone not only through your influence but by asking them questions as well.

Throughout school, we create by painting, coloring, drawing, and writing. Then there are the paper airplanes, spitballs, bobby pin stingers, shooting rubber bands, pranks, and other antics kids act out. When you think about it, kids are creating all the time!

As we mature into adulthood, we get into some serious creating. What greater creation is there than marrying someone? The love that creates the result of two becoming one is one of the most essential and beautiful creations we experience. All it takes to create this love is two people unless you are a narcissist, perhaps.

One of the most important things we can create in life is another life. There is no more magnificent creation than that of creating a child, is there?

Your creations go far beyond your immediate family, although they are undoubtedly some of the most important. Think about some of the things you routinely create. Have you ever sent an email? You had to create it first, didn't you? How often do you create a connection with someone in person or on social media? What about the life you are living? Are you not creating it as you go along? Ever take a photograph? That is your creation, isn't it? What about exercise? You are creating health in your body when you do it. And what about the food you eat? Does it not create or destroy your health?

Rather than go on and on about ordinary things, let's look at one of the primary things most of us do that involves constantly creating – work.

You create every day on your job

Have you considered how much you create at work? Every career is filled with creating. If you did not create something, you wouldn't have a job! You say, "But Bill, all I do is _____)_____ on my job," or "I am a ____________, so what do I create?" Fill in a blank and think about it for a minute.

Let's say you are an accountant, collecting, compiling, and generating information or reports. Is that not creating?

What about a lawyer? Are you not creating something for your clients in the form of a service, information, representation, and in other ways?

How about an over-the-road truck driver? Are you not highly involved in the creating process? Of course, you are. You are an important part of creating the possibility of getting something somewhere to someone. While driving on the road, you create safe conditions for those around you. You are helping create satisfaction in those who receive what you haul. You create other jobs by driving – jobs for those who build the trucks, tires, fuel, items you carry, the rest stops and restaurants along the way, and in many other ways.

What about a worker at Mcdonald's? Are you not part of the team creating the food people can conveniently buy? Whatever your job is in the Mcdonald's, you create a friendly and safe atmosphere for fellow employees, and customers do you not? The same applies to every restaurant worker, store clerk, and in any other job where you perform work or provide a service.

Everything anyone does, whether as a paid employee or a volunteer, is an act of creating. If you have figured out a job that does not create something, I would love to read it in the comment section below!

The most important creating of all

It is true. Every person on this planet is a creator, whether they recognize it or not. Without creating, human civilization would soon become extinct. The most common act of creating is whenever two people are together. Relationships are where creating started in the Garden of Eden and where it stops at the end of our lives.

Ask yourself this question, and thoughtfully answer it to create a fuller, more joyful, rewarding life:

“What kind of relationships am I creating in my life?”

If you are married, marriage is an ongoing, never-ending creation until one of you dies. With your children, friends, colleagues, and everyone else in your life, each encounter is a creation on its own.

You create feelings and thoughts in one another by what you do and do not do, by what you say and do not say. Pay attention to the atmosphere created anytime you are with another. The two (or more) of you created it, although this atmosphere often goes unnoticed.

And as mentioned earlier, love is the most magnificent creation of all. What is created when we love and are loved is beyond compare. Can you imagine a life without the ongoing creation of love? Love created and continues to create the most important things on earth - each of us and all those we care so much about in our lives!

Final thoughts

In the end, we are creating something every moment we are alive. Every breath we take creates. The air we breathe contains about 21% oxygen and .04% carbon dioxide, and the air we exhale contains about 16.4% oxygen and 4.4% carbon dioxide. All of life is a creative process since the carbon dioxide consumed by plants generates oxygen, continuing the cycle of life. So long as there is life, creating exists!

Has your view of the world shifted now that you know full well that you are indeed a creator? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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