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How dependable are you? It is common knowledge in the business world that anyone who wishes to obtain reasonable success must maintain a degree of dependability. Is this not true in every area of life? Let's take a look at dependability and what it means to our lives.

The quickest way to understand why it is important to be dependable is to examine our thoughts of how we view someone who is not dependable. What do you think of such a person?

For many of us, a person who is not dependable means they are not very serious about life. You know you can't count on them, so you deal with them as such or avoid them altogether.

To others, the person who is not dependable is not trustworthy. They are disrespectful of others' time and make a lousy employee since they cannot be relied on in their job. We likely think they have other issues to overcome in their life as well.

Regardless of how harshly you judge such a person, they are usually not someone most of us want to be around unless, perhaps, they are family.

What makes dependability important in life?

To an employer, a dependable person is a requirement for the most part. How can they run a business if their people are not dependable? The same is true for a spouse or a good friend. If they are not dependable, a strained relationship is likely the result. Why is this?

Dependability links directly to reliability and trustworthiness, which connect to honesty and loyalty. Can you trust someone who is not dependable? It depends, doesn't it, but it is doubtful an undependable and thus unreliable person could win your trust.

A solid characteristic a dependable person displays is maturity. As a mature person, they accept responsibility and act responsibly, an essential trait for anyone to maintain, especially as an adult.

Being dependable is important to any and every relationship in life. To not be dependable creates strain in the relationship, whether in business or with your spouse or friend. When you purchase a product or service, dependability is of utmost importance.

What being dependable can do for your life

Think of the many benefits being dependable can add to your life. If you want your marriage or a friendship to thrive, be dependable. When you are dependable in any relationship, you show respect. You show you care. A relationship in which you show no respect or care will quickly dissolve.

When you are a highly dependable employee, a world of opportunity opens to you. An employer values a reliable employee since such employees are responsible and loyal, making them well regarded and respected.

There is no more important trait for an employee climbing the ladder of success than being dependable with a good attitude. If you want to sabotage your career, simply be undependable. If you are not dependable, you will likely be looking for a new job soon.

"Ability is important in our quest for success, but dependability is critical." Zig Ziglar (1926-2012)

Most people are hired based on their abilities but keep their job over the long run because they are dependable. They not only enjoy more job security but will likely be first in line for promotions.

"I learned that, 'Mike, you get your first job on your ability and every job after that on your dependability.'" Mike Royer (1941-present0

One of the easiest ways to establish dependability is to always be on time. Punctuality shows others you respect their time, earning you their trust. You will often see two types of people in the world. Some are always early, and others are sometimes late. Which of these shows greater respect for the person or event?

"Punctuality is closely related to faithfulness and dependability. Being tardy can be linked to uninterest, apathy, slothfulness and procrastination." Sterling W. Sill (1903-1994)

If you are not dependable, why not? Is it because you don't care, do not respect some people, or simply can't see how it affects other's opinions of you? If you are any of these, it will behoove you to reconsider what it means to be dependable.

The dependable person speaks volumes through their actions. They almost always deliver what they say they will. Yes, dependability extends beyond showing up on time. To be dependable also means doing good work consistently as well. Complete dependability contains substance as well as style, exemplifying integrity and attitude.

When you take dependability seriously, others will take you seriously.

Final words

How dependable are you, not just in the big things, but in the little things in life? Whether you realize it or not, people watch what you do and who you are, and a large part of that is your dependability or lack of it.

If you are highly dependable, you can go far in life. By being dependable, you show the world and others respect, trustworthiness, and that you are a person of integrity. They will see you are mature and responsible.

If you need to work on your dependability, I challenge you to do one thing. Develop the intent to show respect to others through your actions by becoming dependable. When you do this, you can bet your life will improve dramatically!

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