Humanity at its Best - Elephant Guiding Her Blind Friend Towards Food, Netizens Reacts!! WATCH

Bhavya Soni

Recently a video went viral just like forest fires where it was recorded a tusker helping and guiding his blind friend towards food. Cyber surfers poured so much Love saying, "Unconditional Love Exists".

The video clip was caught in 4K at Elephant Nature Park, North Thailand, famous for Elephant Rescue & Rehabilitation Center. 

Best Buddies- Chana & Ploy Thong
Source: Google

The clip, which surfaced on social media, amassed about 10K views. This video was posted on Instagram by Lek Chailert, Founder of Save Elephant Foundation. He shared this clip with a beautiful caption that says-

 "Look how Chana leads Ploy Thong, her adopted nanny, who is both eyes blind, toward food. To see the way of the elephant to care for each other, every day I discover a beautiful side of the elephant, especially the way that they love and care for each other unconditionally, a lesson for us all!"

According to the sources, it's clear that Ploy Thong, who is a blind tusker, is the adopted grandma of Chana. How adorable the relationship between Grandma & Grandchildren stands!! The purest form of Love, the unconditional fondness, and the feeling of warmth are unimaginative.

Lesson For All Homosapien 

The video was flooded with the comments of netizens. Netizens quoted "Beautiful Souls" "Unconditional Love". The fact being we human beings are considered as the superior of all creatures on Mother Earth, yet we lack a lot of characteristics that we can learn from Animals.

They are compassionate, lovable, and most importantly, understand the essence of " Unconditional Love". They understand Love shouldn't be a give & take policy; instead, it should be spread wholeheartedly. 

Cruelty Against Animals

In today's era, to live a luxurious life, we are cutting down forests, forgetting that it is the home of many creatures. We go poaching and hunting to collect ivories, skin, and many more things associated with animals. 

We have forgotten that we live in a system where we are dependent upon Animals for food, clothes, etc. Have you ever wondered what will happen to the biosphere if the whole Animal Kingdom will come to an end? There would be an imbalance in the atmosphere.


"Better Late Than Never". You still have time to show compassion and love towards animals. You are the one who would be the reason behind a healthy biosphere. 

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