Heart-wrenching! UK Man Takes his Pet Dog Struggling Leukemia on his Final Trek, Dies in Aftermath

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What a Melancholy!! It makes the heart bleed imagining the incident. 

Dogs are often considered as Man's best buddies. They are loyal to their masters. With time they turn into our homes. Furthermore, when the time approaches, and we need to bid goodbye to our bosom buddy, our heart bleeds. 

Great Dog Dad

Comparing the above statement, a spine-tingling case came into being where a UK Man took his pet dog battling Leukemia on a final trek to Welsh. 

Great Dog Dad!!

Carlos Fresco, the master of this 10-year-old Labradoodle whose name was Monty, took him on a trek to Pen y Fan, their favourite trekking place. 

Monty was adventurous; he was fond of mountains, hills and was full of a craze to explore different places. Sadly, he had Blood Cancer (Leukemia) and was nearing death.

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Interviews say it All.

In an interview with The Brecon & Radnor Express, Fresco said- "We have climbed all over the country, and Monty has summitted three peaks and was always up for the adventure. 

In addition to this, he added- "He loved hill walks and we improvised and took him on trips around your wonderful beacons. Although he was weak he enjoyed all the fuss and attention received by so many well-wishers."

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The 57-year-old Dog Dad made every possible improvisation so that he could take his bosom buddy on treks. But little did he know it was the last trek with Monty. On an extraordinary trek, Fresco pushed Monty on a Wheelbarrow. So many passersby stopped by the plushie to shower love and pamper him with attention. 

In an interview with BBC News, Fresco said, "The dog loved nothing more than interacting with people."

"He loved the attention- if you stopped, he'd put a paw on you or rest his chin on your thigh, looking at you as if to say- 'stroke me again," he added further. 

Declining Condition of Plushie

Carlos Fresco was aware of Monty's deteriorating condition even though there were no such changes in his appearance. But, he added- "he was fine from outside but cancer meant he wasn't getting enough oxygen to his muscles." 

Heartbreaking was when Monty passed away after bidding goodbye to his favorite trekking partner and went on his final trek of life. 

Pictures went viral where Fresco carried the canine in the backpack so that he could devour the scenery. Other images which went viral, one of the most special amongst all, was when Monty was gazing over the valley from his particular vehicle. 

The Fresco was a Great Dog Dad. He made sure he enlightened those last days of Monty, the best & good days.

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