7 Signs That You’ve Encountered a Past Dream RECENTLY

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Have you ever come across a dream that shows some glimpses of Past Life?

These dreams don't come when you're awake and in your full senses. And most importantly, they don't have any sequences of coming; they show some parts of childhood or your senile stages, basically adulthood.

These dreams have been named Vivid Dreams. This is because they are unbelievably and unexpectedly tend to appear real. But there might be instances when you may feel the same thing and watch the same thing in your subconscious state.

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After a long tiring day, you lay in your bed and sleep, your conscious mind takes the back seat, and the subconscious mind drives the car, and during this phase, the subconscious mind tends to do some subtle alterations within your mind.

Think about this: You had a very bad argument with your better half, and you go to sleep in a bad mood, but surprisingly, you wake up feeling better. Those are the subtle changes your subconscious mind makes.

Can you all differentiate between Normal Dreams and Dreams From Past Life?

7 Signs That Let you know You Got a Past Life Dream

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They Communicate about Historical Details

It is quite general that if you come across a normal dream, then there would be glimpses of known places where you're acquainted. But if your dream depicts something about histories such as historical places, historical instances, or historical dressing sense, then you're surely watching a past dream.

Here you'll know that you're tapped into a past life dream.

You Behave unusually, different from your actual behavior

When you're in your normal dream, your attire, your behavior doesn't contradict. But when you encounter a Past Dream, you look completely changed when you act differently.

It is acceptable in a Past Life Dream if you appear in a different gender, belonging to different religion or caste. Still, most importantly, your look doesn't change. That is why you wake up from the dream; it feels like it was you but in a different manner.

Sometimes it might appear you are behaving in a contradictory way compared to the present form of yourself. Suppose you are a shy kind of person who is not aggressive in real life, but when you encounter A past dream, you may appear open-minded and like an angry young man.

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In karmic dreams, you tend to act differently, such as speaking in a different language that you might have never learned. After encountering these kinds of Dreams, you tend to do manifestations about achieving these things such as learning different skills, language, occupation, etc.

Dreams are Repeated and mostly Unchanged

Normal dreams tend to change every day as a subconscious mind creates them. Normal dreams might be logical or illogical that doesn't matter. Many people aren't connected deeply with their subconscious higher selves, which is why there is a lot of chaos in our dreams.

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You might see a dream where you encounter Iron Man, and he gives you his suit, and you are allowed to behave as Iron Man for 24 hours. This is a normal dream. But in a Past Dream, events are logical and tend to recur/reoccur every time in the same sequence. So it is not the subconscious mind creating the dreams; it is some much higher subconscious mind.

Your Strange Behaviours and Quirks are Explained

In real life, you have developed your personality as a complete human being, but some instances force you to think over and over again. There are behavior, phobias, superstitious beliefs that are nowhere connected to you, nor have the track record of you facing them in real life.

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Suppose you have hydrophobia and you generally avoid going to a pool or surfing in the sea. But you have no re-collected memory from this life where it proves that you fear water; now this concludes that it is because of a past dream.

In Past Dreams, the instances, behaviors, or beliefs make sense, but in real life, that is contradicting, or you have no foundation from your experiences. If you have the understanding and the answers to the unusual beliefs, then you're surely tapped onto a Past Dream.

Answers Regarding Emotional & Physical Health Are Unveiled

Mostly in Past Dreams, when it is shown reoccurrence of physical or emotional disabilities, it might affect your current state as well. Suppose you feel constant pain in your right elbow when you have no serious medical conditions and all your joints and the other hand is completely fine, then you're tapped into a Past Dream. This pain might be the reason for any harm caused to you at that very place in Your Past Life If you are unusually understanding of your body, emotional state that you didn't encounter before, then it's the reason for your Past Dream.

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Spiritual Issues are Unmasked

Have you ever caught yourself in anxiety where you don't know the root cause? You may have encountered people who say that they are facing displeasure and happiness and the reason behind it is unknown. This is when you know that you are tapped into a Past Dream. Your answers to dissatisfaction, displeasure or happiness, etc. can be resolved by finding the missing keys of your Karmic Dreams. Everything can be resolved, and you can get the solution to your trauma by understanding your past dream.

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They Feel Different and Unusual

Finally, sometimes past life dreams feel unusually different from being precise, incredibly different when everything is over. When you wake up from the dream, there is no such instance that is forgettable; you remember everything important. And it will still be in your head unchanged for years and years. Past life dreams feel very Enigmatic and unusual yet interesting and exhilarating.


When you get a past life dream, the most important thing to do is to analyze and understand it properly and very minutely. No doubt they have come for a reason and may have solutions for problems and answers too many unsolved questions. Past dreams can be the reason for your Peace of Mind, Comfort, and happiness.

Karma doesn't always come with punishment, it comes with a lesson to be learned, and when you learn the lesson, Karma fades away.

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