16 Signs Says That You Have Hidden Healing Powers

Bhavya Soni

All humans have the power to change someone's day or their entire life for the better. Healers are famous across different cultures, holding the power to sow the seed of positivity in people.

Have you ever wondered if there could be a healer around you? Have you ever wondered if you could be a healer?

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16 Signs Showing You Could Be a Secret Healer

  • Healing runs in your family.
  • You're empathetic towards everyone.
  • You work incessantly to change someone's life for the better.
  • Your level of awareness is beyond others. This makes you particularly sensitive towards certain food items.
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  • You suffer from anxiety in a social atmosphere.
  • You either have or were, at some point in the past, diagnosed with ailments like anxiety, depression, and other mental health-related conditions.
  • The people in your circle, those who are closest to you, almost never find themselves sick.
  • You often experience pain in your neck, back, shoulders, etc.
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  • Even strangers and people you don't know personally feel peaceful when you're around. They open up to you easily.
  • You're a born masseuse. You excel at giving body massages despite no formal training.
  • You have a curious attitude towards crystals. Their properties interest you.
  • You are at your best when you're in nature. Nothing soothes you better than fresh air.
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  • You're an animal lover. Not only do you connect with animals but they like you too.
  • At times you feel a surge of energy, an uncommon warmth, or weird chills in your body.
  • You have a soothing effect on those around you.
  • Shamanism, acupuncture, energy healing, and other sciences of the spirit deeply interest you.
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  • Life is full of pain, there's no denying that. There is misery and suffering all around. In such a world, it's surprising how the importance of healers is not acknowledged nearly enough.

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