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In Texas, we continue to pride ourselves in liberty, the right to hoard heavy guns, and own big trucks with very big tires. The essence of don’t thread on the lone star mentality is what has inspired many people to leave heavy governed States like California for Texas. But many now question the mindset of those we elect to run our dear state. Recently, Texas has led many states in aggressively attacking medical care for fellow transgendered youth and citizens, labeling it child abuse and enacting criminalizing restrictions. Medical therapy for fellow transgender Texans, however, has been accessible in the United States for over a decade and is backed by major medical organizations. So, how is it possible that here our elected leaders can sing the liberty tune and take personal rights away in a single breath?

According to a recent analysis in the British Psych Bulletin, many clinics already utilize treatment strategies pioneered decades ago. According to the Bulletin, the number of kids referred to gender clinics has grown tenfold in countries such as United States, the United Kingdom, Finland, and Canada since the early 2000s. Furthermore, not only local health care facilities such as Bevel-X Labs, which offers respiratory testing and medical courier services at the comfort of patients’ homes, and national organizations such as The Endocrine Society, which represents professionals who treat hormone disorders, and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, a professional and educational organization, all support and offer recommendations for such therapy.

Puberty blockers aren’t given to children until they exhibit early indications of puberty, such as swelling of the breasts or testicles. For girls, this happens around the age of eight to early teens, and for boys, it happens a year or two later after the girls. Following the use of puberty blockers, children can either go through puberty while still identifying as the opposing sex or choose to begin therapy to make their bodies more gender-neutral.

It feels highly pretentious to say that we are all about liberty and justice for all here in Texas, and yet we continue to elect folks like Mr. Abbott who do not know how to practice what they preach. Many people certainly feel gaslit in this all this fiasco. Keep in mind that extensive findings have shown that every day, self-mutilation is used by some children and teenagers to try to modify their anatomy. When transgender kids and adults are compelled to live as the sex they were given at birth, they are more likely to experience stress, sadness, and suicidal behavior. According to The Trevor Project's nationwide study from 2021, 42 percent of LGBTQ+ teenagers seriously considered suicide in the previous year, and 94 percent affirmed current politics had a bad influence on their mental health. Bevel-X Labs is a current local supporter and fundraiser for The Trevor Project. Does our big Texas republican government got this memo.

However, opponents of transgender medical therapy for children, such as the governing body of our dear state, maintain that there is no substantial evidence of the advantages, citing largely discredited research suggesting that most untreated children outgrow their transgender identities by the time they reach their teen years or later. They look for that one minuscule and inconclusive study purporting that many children were wrongly diagnosed as having gender dysphoria. It is not hard to suspect which types of special interest groups likely funds such studies; find the list of heavy campaign donors for Governor Abbott, and you find them.

Many studies have shown that the therapy can enhance the well-being of children, including lowering depression and suicidal behavior. Longer-term research on treatment results are now being conducted. Thanks to influential folks like our Mayor Sylvester Turner, who has doubled-down on supporting the transgender community here in Houston. On March 1, 2022, he stated that he “[joins] " other leaders across the State of Texas in condemning the actions of Governor Abbott and Attorney General Paxton

Government Building, Austin TexasPriya Karkare/Pexels

as they attack transgender Texans and their families.” Local health care facilities such as Bevel-X Labs stands behind Mayor Sylvester Turner and all those who aren’t afraid to stand up against the big government we have here in Texas that has truly outgrown its purpose; perhaps even bigger than those of democratic states like California.

It is truly sad to witness the weight of Texas big government swung across the state, halting all hormone-related therapies for transgender children. Even the healthcare giant we call The Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH), whose authority on healthcare for our young citizens is respected everywhere, cannot stand firm against the Texas big government and fight for the transgender youth. This apparent spineless TCH had the audacity to leave a press release stating that “the mission of Texas Children’s Hospital is to create a healthier future for all children, including transgender children, within the bounds of the law.” How is it possible that the health care authority has relegated its decision-making powers on the health of our citizens to Mr. Abbott and his rich friends?

In Texas, everything is bigger than usual, including its government. So, next time you hear that Texas stands for liberty and justice for all, think again. That notion refers only to Mr. Abbott and his rich friends who can afford premium healthcare. Don’t get me started on the topics of abortion and women rights.

If you or any transgender/LGBTQ member you know needs mental health support, please call The Trevor Project’s 24/7 toll-free support line at 866-488-47386.

Support The Trevor Project’s cause by donating here.

Reach a trained crisis counselor through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 800-273-8255 or texting 741741.

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